U.S. cuts Israel off from arms deliveries after halting ammo shipments

U.S. cuts Israel off from arms deliveries after halting ammo shipments

Thousands of U.S. bomb-guidance kits intended for the Israeli war machine are stalled in delivery after the White House put a sudden halt on the shipments.

Anonymous United States officials told the Wall Street Journal that the stalled shipment is deliberate, though there is no indication quite yet from the Biden regime as to why the change was made.

Just days prior, the U.S. halted all further ammunition deliveries to Israel. Now, weapons deliveries are also being halted, calling into question the regime’s commitment to Israel’s genocide in Gaza.

Back in January, Congress learned that the State Department was planning to sell Israel up to 6,500 Joint Direct Attack Munitions (JDAM) in a $260 million arms deal. These JDAM kits bolt to conventional 500 to 2,000-pound bombs, allowing the “dumb” munitions to be guided directly to their targets upon descent.

By law, the State Department is required to formally notify Congress of arms sales that exceed a certain amount, i.e., $25 million when dealing with NATO members of the State of Israel. It turns out that Congress was never notified about this one, though, which ended up “triggering an effective pause in the deal.”

Though the State Department has yet to comment on the stall, White House National Security Council spokesman John Kirby was forthcoming in providing a confusing and nonsensical statement that U.S. security commitments to Israel “are ironclad.”

“It’s unusual, especially for Israel, especially during a war,” the unnamed congressional official who dropped this bombshell told the Journal.

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War as a scapegoat for total economic collapse

As for an apparent other canceled weapons delivery to Israel from last week, U.S. officials say they were never given a reason for that stall either, which has left them “scrambling to understand why the shipment was held.”

If the JDAM shipments had been properly cleared for shipment to Israel, the State Department would have issued a 15-day notice prior to it. Since no notification has been posted on the Defense Security Cooperation Agency (DCAA) website, many are scratching their heads wondering what is going on.

President Biden has been somewhat milquetoast about the whole thing, refusing to directly put Israel on notice concerning the withholding of arms deliveries over its genocide allegations. Biden sometimes talks a big game of disapproval against Israel, though, particularly with regard to Israel’s planned ground invasion of Rafah which he called a “red line.”

Biden did rebuke Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu publicly over what he called the “indiscriminate” bombing of Rafah, again suggesting that Netanyahu show restraint with this final solution for Gaza.

While the U.S. government did put sanctions on Israeli settlers in the West Bank, the Biden regime abstained from a United Nations (UN) Security Council vote from back in March that would have allowed for the passage of a measure demanding an immediate ceasefire between Israel and Hamas.

“Despite voicing these criticisms, the Biden administration has kept weapons and ammunition flowing to Israel, reportedly approving more than 100 arms deliveries since October,” RT reported.

In the comments, someone pointed out that there is also a $1.3 trillion elephant in the room in the form of “a massive fiscal calamity” that the private Federal Reserve banking cartel has brought to the nation.

“It is only a matter of time, therefore, until the brown stuff hits the fan like never before,” this person further wrote about the massive financial and economic collapse that is ongoing and yet still to come.

The U.S. is playing both sides of the Israeli conflict to pacify angry Americans. Learn more at Treason.news.

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