Biden slammed by tsunami of backlash after claiming ‘we leave no one behind’

President Joe Biden faced a wave of pushback from GOP lawmakers in response to a post on the @POTUS X account that reads, “On my watch, when we make promises, we keep them. And we leave no one behind.”

Multiple Republicans challenged the president’s claim.

“All Joe Biden does is leave Americans behind.”

Rep. Andrew Clyde of Georgia fired back at Biden’s comments with a post that read, “…except the Americans you left behind in Afghanistan. …and the American hostages you’ve abandoned in Gaza. Despicable.”

“REMINDER: Joe Biden left Americans behind in Afghanistan. No amount of gaslighting can ever change this fact,” Rep. Byron Donalds of Florida noted.

“Afghanistan. Israel. Haiti. All Joe Biden does is leave Americans behind,” Rep. Lisa McClain of Micghigan declared in a post.

“This would be hilarious if it was not tragic. Biden has abandoned Americans around the world and wants you to forget about them. I never will. Remember in November,” Rep. Derrick Van Orden of Wisconsin tweeted.

“There are Americans being actively held hostage by Hamas. Maybe sit this one out,” Sen. Cynthia Lummis of Wyoming declared in response to Biden’s comments.

“President Biden apparently wants us to forget Afghanistan. And he wants us to ignore what he’s doing right now—breaking America’s promise to Israel and leaving hostages (including American citizens) behind in Gaza. Voters will remember in November,” Sen. Katie Britt of Alabama tweeted.

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