Clinton’s ‘deal with the DEVIL’ destroyed Haiti; sent formaldehyde-filled trailers as aid

It wasn’t just an earthquake that obliterated Haiti.

Ever since Bill and Hillary Clinton honeymooned in Haiti, they’ve been treating the country like they do anytime someone speaks out against them: violently.

“They went there on their honeymoon,” Shane Cashman tells Alex Stein, adding, “and said, ‘Hey honey, this is a great place for us to destroy together,’ which they did.”

“That makes sense, because they would like to go to a place where cannibalism is okay,” Stein jokes. “They can eat the blood, drink the blood of children.”

On a serious note, Cashman notes that “Bill destroyed Haiti by taking the rice tariffs, making them take rice from Arkansas” and “completely destroyed the rice crops in Haiti.”

“He would later say it was a deal with the devil,” Cashman explains, adding, “‘cause they were like, ‘You destroyed Haiti with the crop situation,’ he was like, ‘Yeah, it was a bad idea.’”

But destroying their crops wasn’t enough.

“Then Hillary meddled in their elections, they called it all the zombie votes all of a sudden, and the Clinton Foundation sent formaldehyde-filled mobile shelters to the earthquake victims that made all the kids sick,” Cashman says.

“The same formaldehyde-filled shelters were sent to the victims of Hurricane Katrina from the Clinton Foundation,” he adds.

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