Hakeem Jeffries smirks as GOP infighting hands Democrats control

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“Even though we are in the minority,” House Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries (D-N.Y.) told “60 Minutes” on Sunday, “we effectively have been governing as if we were in the majority because we continue to provide a majority of the votes necessary to get things done. Those are just the facts.”

Remember when I told you months ago on “The Steve Deace Show” that the dumbest thing Democrats could do is make Hakeem Jeffries the speaker of the House? Why in the name of Allah would they do that? I know a lot of people on the — ahem — “conservative” side of this business were self-pleasuring themselves with that talking point to get clicks, but they either forgot or don’t care that Democrats just aren’t like us.

You’ll see 100 Democrats cross over and vote to retain Mike Johnson as speaker during an election year if that’s what it takes to keep the world nice and flat.

Democrats actually believe things. They’re always on message because it’s a message they believe and take seriously. So, why would they want to change speakers when they are already getting everything they want under the current arrangement? All the while, Republicans share in the political liability, thus shielding Democrats from total responsibility.

If Hakeem Jeffries were to be elected speaker, do you know what would happen the very next day? The same Republicans who told you they didn’t have the margins to do anything as the majority are going to be screaming, “Defund everything!”

Defund Jack Smith! Defund the persecution of Trump! I mean, literally, they’re just going to have a shameless rally on the Capitol steps with biblical worldview Mike Johnson as the martyred keynote speaker, despite supposedly just throwing him out for funding all the things.

You know it’s true.

Many of your friends and family who watch shows on loop like Jesse “Shallow” Watters on Fox News will lap that up like a dog, because the dog returns to its own vomit. Then they’ll angrily contact you and ask why you would dare criticize the Republicans on your Facebook page when they think “the show” has never been better! Wasn’t it Patrick Henry who said, “Give me endlessly unfulfilled talking points about ‘We mean it this time,’ or give me death”?

Jeffries knows all this better than the Fox audience members know themselves, which is why he is content to maintain the status quo and let the Republicans get their fingerprints all over the current congressional murder weapon. Then, when it comes time to attack Democrats on anything, they can just turn right around and say the GOP funded it, too.

They’re inoculated.

It’s tragi-comic really. The Republican Party is the one vaccine that still works, apparently. It’s truly safe and effective. None of us have any standing now to criticize Democrats for any of this demonic, evil monstrosity. And you’ll see 100 Democrats cross over and vote to retain Mike Johnson as speaker during an election year if that’s what it takes to keep the world nice and flat.

Meanwhile, over in the actual conservative paradise, Ron DeSantis is continually disproving the narrative of virtually every incestuous GOP consultant who has ever lived by thrusting a stake in the heart of such juvenile reindeer games and merely governing well. Turns out, if you make people’s lives objectively better with your policies, then you can be just as ruthlessly right-wing as you want to be. Even in a state Barack Obama won twice.

For example, Disney’s stock dropped again earlier this week and is currently trading where it was about 20 years ago before you even adjust for inflation. Ironically, the only things in Disney’s latest report that are showing a profit are its Florida theme parks. Stop and think about that. DeSantis took money out of Disney’s pocket so it could then turn around and put it back in his. And remember how many people — including Donald Trump — said this would never work.

That’s because being obsessed with the media and the donor class instead of being content to serve the actual citizens and taxpayers known as “We the People” means leaders don’t fundamentally understand how making your life better is a win-win. They are too busy resenting you or manipulating you to understand the math.

But that’s a biblical worldview for you, I guess, when in the hands of Speaker Johnson. Right, Hakeem?

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