Illegal Immigrants in Denver Won’t Leave Tent Encampment for Shelters Until the City Meets 13 ‘Demands’

The city of Denver has seen more than 40,000 illegal aliens arrive within the city limits in the last few months, as the city’s resources have been stretched to the breaking point. 


The illegals are grateful, for sure. Well, some of them are grateful. A group of illegals staying in an encampment under a railroad bridge made a list of 13 demands they sent to the mayor. If the mayor doesn’t play ball, the illegals are threatening to stay outside.

Given that summer will be here in a few weeks, it’s not much of a threat. But these illegals have learned their lessons well. You can’t get anything in America unless you threaten…something. Threatening the city with camping out for the summer is the best they can do.

The city has been trying to get all migrants out of the tent encampments and into city-run shelters where they will have a nice, clean place to sleep and access city services to help them get work permits.

Maybe they don’t want to work. Anyway, here are a few of the demands. (The rest can be found at the link.) 

1. Migrants will cook their own food with fresh, culturally appropriate ingredients provided by the City instead of premade meals – rice, chicken, flour, oil, butter, tomatoes, onions, etc… Also people will not be punished for bringing in & eating outside food.

Is this a great country, or what? The illegals want to eat better than the citizens. And would someone please tell me what the hell “culturally appropriate ingredients” are?


2. Shower access will be available without time limits & can be accessed whenever – we are not in the military, we’re civilians.

No rules. Rules are for losers.  

3. The City will provide privacy for families/individuals within the shelter.

Why not just book a few hundred rooms at the Denver Marriot?

4. No more verbal or physical or mental abuse will be permitted from the staff, including no sheriff sleeping inside & monitoring 24/7 – we are not criminals & won’t be treated as such.

Actually, as other cities have found, much to their dismay, some of you are indeed criminals. How you are treated depends on how you treat us. And starting off your stay in America by making idiotic demands is not a way to win friends and influence people.

The illegals are being advised by a shadowy character who identifies himself in the media as “V. Reeves.”


The migrants have been lobbied by Denver Human Services to get off the street and into shelters — an offer that remains, according to city officials. But they are holding out and said the city has reneged on its deal with them, while the city maintains it will continue to offer services to migrants that choose shelter over encampments.

“The camp as a collective came up with a list of demands,” V Reeves, a migrant advocate, said.

That came after a petition by city officials to move people from an encampment near train tracks and under a bridge to indoor shelters funded by the city.

“This morning, they sent buses to take people over without presenting that document and without having any kind of signature for accountability,” Reeves said.

That is how the city responded instead of meeting their demands, according to Reeves.


This fellow Reeves is extremely well-schooled in radical street tactics. The city is not going to meet more than a few of those demands, and Reeves knows it. It’s all part of the kabuki dance that radicals perform when engaging in street theater.

 Perhaps some enterprising Denver reporter might want to find out who is paying Mr. Reeves’ salary and why he/she/they insist on hiding their true identity.

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