North Israel to SECEDE and become “State of Galilee” over frustrations with misguided Netanyahu regime

North Israel to SECEDE and become “State of Galilee” over frustrations with misguided Netanyahu regime

Settler communities in northern Israel are planning to secede from the rest of Israel and become the “State of Galilee.”

According to reports, the heads of these communities are tired of what they say is the Netanyahu regime’s inaction concerning the tens of thousands of settlers who have been displaced from Galilee by Hezbollah.

At a recent meeting of the Conflict Zone Forum, a decision was made for northern Israel to break off from the rest of Israel and become the State of Galilee. The move will be formally announced on May 15, which is Independence Day for Israelis and Nakba Day for Palestinians.

Hebrew media outlet Walla called this “unilateral disengagement from the State of Israel” an “extreme step (that) will be accompanied by additional actions.”

The “straw that broke [the camel’s back],” Walla continued in its report, was Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s response to war cabinet member Benny Gantz’s statement at a recent meeting indicating that he is in no hurry to help the displaced settlers get back to their homes.

Channel 12 reported that Gantz urged the return of these displaced settlers to their homes by September 1, to which Netanyahu scoffed and said “what will happen if they return a few months after September 1?”

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Israel breaking apart at the seams

Thousands of displaced settlers, upon hearing Netanyahu’s words, raged with anger. They proceeded to confront their area heads, including Upper Galilee Regional Council head Giora Zaltz who told Channel 12 that he is working hard to return the settlers to their homes without official government approval.

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“We can’t wait for a decision from someone who never decides,” Zaltz reportedly said to the media outlet.

Displaced settlers currently occupying Haifa and Jerusalem are planning organized protests for May 16 calling for the Netanyahu regime to cooperate in getting them back to where they want to be.

“No to a political agreement with Hezbollah” is the banner statement of the protests, along with calls for the “restoration of security through military action.”

“This is a battle that we must fight together – a fight for our freedom, and honor and the future of our children,” their mission statement further reads. “We the people of the north will not be silent.”

Back in early April, representatives from the settler communities located in the Conflict Zone Forum posted advertisements inviting locals to come up with proposals “to be submitted for an alternative government is Israel.”

“The full details of the tender can be found in the hotels and the accommodation apartments of the displaced throughout the country, with the business owners who collapsed in the north, in the dead tourism areas in the north, and in the offices of the authorities in the north,” the advertisements read.

On May 8, Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Gallant warned Israel Defense Forces (IDF) troops that a very “hot summer” awaits them, meaning the war is about to escalate and a lot more lives are going to be lost.

Israel is fighting several wars right now: one in Gaza and one against Lebanon. There is also Iran to contend with, along with all of Israel’s newest enemies who are outraged beyond belief at how the Netanyahu regime is treating the besieged Palestinian people stuck inside the Gaza Strip.

Both the United States and France are reportedly in the process of proposing de-escalation initiatives that aim to end the fighting in northern Israel. So far, all proposed initiatives have failed.

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