Why Is Hungary’s Orban Boasting of ‘Cooperation’ With the Genocidal CCP?

Why is Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban, who sets himself up as a champion of Christianity and Western sovereignty, enthusiastically boasting of cooperation with the anti-Christian, West-hating, murderous Chinese Communist Party (CCP)?


It is partly America’s — or rather the Biden administration’s — fault that countries at variance with woke ideology or wary of US backstabbing are turning to the pernicious CCP, because it is harder and harder to rely on the American government. On the other hand, trying to compromise with Communist China always backfires horribly. In the short term, you might have money, but in the near future, the CCP will infiltrate and take over your country. Suicide is not a practical option. Even aside from the moral issues of partnering with the world’s worst and bloodiest dictatorship, it is self-destructive to compromise with the CCP. How will it be worth it to have the money today if you have a knife to your throat tomorrow? Yet that is the very situation into which Orban seems eager to place Hungary.

Orban’s tweet was disturbingly complimentary of CCP dictator Xi Jinping, who is currently overseeing harsh religious persecution and ethnic genocide. “It was an honour to welcome President Xi Jinping during his state visit to Hungary. The cooperation between Hungary and China has reached new heights in the past 15 years. The world is a cloudy place, so thank God we now cherish an ‘all-weather comprehensive strategic partnership in the new era’. 🇭🇺🇨🇳,” Orban’s post said.

CCP propaganda outlet Global Times was equally excited. “China and Hungary announced on Thursday to elevate bilateral relations to all-weather comprehensive strategic partnership in the new era during Chinese President Xi Jinping’s visit to Budapest, which experts say is a result of fruitful cooperation between the two sides and carries significance to China-Europe relations,” the outlet posted, linking to its piece on the partnership.


There are many instances in history when people have foolishly made the same sort of gamble that Orbon is making, trying to outsmart dictators while asking favors from them. There are also those who have wisely rejected such gambles. We remember Neville Chamberlain as the foolish UK politician who thought he could compromise with Hitler and thus have peace and prosperity. Winston Churchill warned that working with the Soviet Union would backfire, and it did — we are still seeing the deadly effects of Soviet infiltration even in America today. The CCP now is quite open about its determination to rule the world and supersede Western civilization. Orban’s cooperation with China could be compared to Abel willingly following Cain into a field, only to be murdered by him.

The Founding Fathers, on the other hand, rejected the supposedly “practical” argument. They took on the world‘s most powerful empire, with every advantage stacked against them, and miraculously won. They won precisely because they would not compromise on their principles for a little short-term benefit. If the great men of our past had accepted the argument that it was impossible to Christianize the Roman Empire, or stop the invasion of Islam into Europe, or refound the state of Israel, or eradicate slavery, where would the world be? It is only those who refuse to compromise with evil who not only succeed but who survive


Until countries around the world recognize that cooperation with the CCP is even more suicidal than cooperation with the Biden administration, we are likely to see a CCP Empire emerge, horrifyingly powerful and genocidal, in the not-too-distant future.

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