Did Bill Maher Just Prove Stormy Daniels Perjured Herself?

Bill Maher is absolutely livid that Democrats have tried so hard with their lawfare strategy and appear to be failing all round.

On the latest episode of “Real Time with Bill Maher,” the liberal comedian lamented how the left’s efforts to imprison Trump appear to be failing.


“I mean, the Democrats had three years to put Trump on trial, and it is all just going away,” he groaned. “They blew it at every term. Here’s what’s happened this week. Georgia, that one, okay, they’re going to take up Trump’s argument about Fannie Willis and as she’s the prosecutor, she’s having an affair with the guy she hired. I mean, it’s not really relevant to the case, but they left an opening. And now that one’s going to be delayed. The stolen documents one, that’s never going to happen, because that’s a Trumpy judge. Down there. So it’s Stormy or bust.”

And Maher has little confidence that Stormy is going to save the faltering case against Trump, because, as he pointed out, she’s a bad witness, and went on to show clips of him interviewing her back in 2018, and then showing how what she told him them is completely at odds with what she’s testifying to now.

“I had Stormy on in 2018. And first I asked her why she had sex with Trump. Listening to that and then listen to what she says after that, and then we’re going to talk about the trial because it’s quite in variants of what she said to me in 2018.” 

MAHER: Okay, you say it’s not a MeToo case, 

STORMY: It is not a MeToo case. I mean, I wasn’t assaulted. I wasn’t attacked, or raped, coerced or blackmailed. They tried to shove me in the MeToo to box it for their own agenda. And first of all, I didn’t want any part of that because it’s not the truth, and I’m not a victim in that regard.


That’s not what she’s saying now,” Maher noted after the clip ended. “She’s talking about ‘he was bigger and blocking the way.’ It’s all the MeToo buzzwords. She said ‘there was a … ‘ imbalance of power for sure.’ ‘My hands were shaking so hard.’ She said she blacked out. Blacked out? She’s a porn star,” Maher said, flabbergasted.

He clearly believes she’s not telling the truth.

Think about this for a minute. Stormy is such a bad witness that even Bill Maher can’t deny it, and he even presented evidence that she’s a liar. If she were a reliable witness, her story would have remained consistent all this time, but it hasn’t. In fact, Trump’s legal team called her out on Tuesday during her testimony for repeatedly changing her story depending on what was the most useful and profitable narrative for her at any given time. True to that point, she has denied, in writing, that she even had a sexual encounter with Trump.

For our VIPs: Yes, Alvin Bragg’s Case Against Trump Is Falling Apart. But Will That Matter?


Frankly, Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s case was struggling even before Stormy Daniels took the stand. Last week, Stormy Daniels’s lawyer, Keith Davidson, testified that the $130,000 payment to Daniels shouldn’t be labeled as “hush money” but rather as a legitimate “consideration” payment. Hope Hicks’s testimony further undermined Bragg’s case when she testified that Trump’s nondisclosure agreement with Daniels was motivated by a desire to protect his family from embarrassing media coverage and not to influence the election.

If Bill Maher doesn’t even think she’s telling the truth on the witness, that’s a huge problem for Bragg’s case.

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