San Francisco Giving Homeless Vodka, Courtesy of Taxpayers

Homeless alcoholics in San Francisco are getting vodka, wine, and beer at the expense of taxpayers, thanks to a crazy program that claims to provide health benefits and save lives. At this point, the reality of life under Democrat rule is far loonier than any satire or slapstick comedy.


The zany program in Democrat-run San Francisco allegedly aims to “curb excessive drinking” among the excessively large homeless population of the city, The UK Daily Mail reported on May 10. The unhoused (to use a silly leftist phrase) can booze it up to the tune of $5 million a year on the taxpayer dime, as vodka shots, wine glasses, and beer bottles are distributed by the City of San Francisco. Instead of aiming to sober up the homeless, the government there is allegedly only trying to provide small and short-term health benefits.

Nurses from the woke city’s “managed alcohol program” administer alcohol to the homeless addicts, the Daily Mail explained, allegedly helping curb the extreme addiction by controlling how much booze the individuals consume. The city claims success from the program, but we know that assurances on expensive and moronic government programs from Democrats are far more worthless than a can of Mulvaney-endorsed Bud Light. Does the program really keep homeless people out of jail or hospital? Who knows for sure? And, of course, it is responsible taxpayers who have to foot the bill.


From the Daily Mail:

Nurses assess patients and typically serve them the equivalent of 1-2 drinks between three and four times a day — handing out either 1.7 ounces of vodka or liquor (about a shot), 5 ounces of wine (1 glass) or 12 ounces of beer – about three-quarters of a pint … Before the program was set up, those who drank alcohol to excess were among the city’s highest users of the emergency services. 

The program has doubled in size since it began in 2020. While at first there were 10 beds available for those suffering from alcoholism, there are now 20 beds available  on the premises of a disused hotel in the Tenderloin District.

But, again, the program requires millions of dollars from taxpayers — $5 million annually. Sure, compared to some other government programs that might seem small, but the idea that the government should be giving the homeless free booze at all using taxpayer funds to buy it is absolutely insane.

Not to mention, as noted by Adam Nathan, chair of the advisory board for Salvation Army San Francisco, comparing alcoholism to drug addiction: “Providing free drugs to drug addicts doesn’t solve their problems. It just stretches them out. Where’s the recovery in all of this?”


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But, then again, Democrats don’t solve problems. They create problems and then prolong them with fake government solutions that cost millions of dollars. Instead of addressing the serious homeless problem, which has been driving out businesses in San Francisco (among other bad effects), the government there is just rewarding homeless alcoholics with free alcohol shots. That’s no solution, it’s a horrible waste of tax dollars to perpetuate the problem of homeless addicts. As always, responsible citizens have to pay the price for loony Democrat ideology.

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