‘That’s what decades of reckless, hegemonic rule by The Uniparty™️ does’: Mike Lee sounds off about US debt, spending

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Republican Sen. Mike Lee of Utah is sounding the alarm about the massive interest on the nation’s debt.

“We’re so screwed. And glued. Also tattooed. Interest will top $1.1 trillion this year. That’s what decades of reckless, hegemonic rule by The Uniparty™️ does,” Lee tweeted.

“It’s time to clean house.”

The senator made the comments in response to a post by E.J. Antoni, “Research Fellow in the Heritage Foundation’s Grover M. Hermann Center for the Federal Budget,” who had tweeted, “Interest on the debt is going to the moon: Treasury now projects it will cost over $1.1 trillion during the current fiscal year.”

The U.S. national debt is more than $34.5 trillion.

Lee sounded off about politicians who have been green-lighting massive spending measures.

“I hope the fleeting moments of media praise—heaped on the heads of complicit politicians each time The Uniparty™️ passed a bloated spending bill—were worth the resulting devastation,” the senator tweeted. “I hope the earmarks that served as propellant for most of the spending—even as Americans repeatedly begged Congress to abandon earmarks—were worth crippling economic growth, mobility, and opportunity for hardworking families,” he continued. “I hope the warm and fuzzy feeling members of The Uniparty™️ had, all in the name of ‘getting things done,’ were at least enjoyed by someone while they lasted,” Lee added.

“It’s time to clean house,” he declared. “It’s time for a new approach in Washington—one that doesn’t pretend we’re drawing from an endless well. It’s about to become painfully clear that we’re not,” he concluded.

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