Dallas church with link to Planned Parenthood faces backlash after opening pro-abortion pregnancy resource center

Dallas church with link to Planned Parenthood faces backlash after opening pro-abortion pregnancy resource center

A pro-abortion church in Dallas, Texas, is facing backlash after opening a pregnancy resource center (PRC) that aims to “counter anti-abortion misinformation.”

The Truth Pregnancy Resource Center, launched by the First Unitarian Church of Dallas on April 26, offers typical services like maternity and baby items, sonograms, pregnancy tests, resources for adoption and STD testing. But unlike traditional PRCs, this facility plans to provide information on contraceptives and assistance for out-of-state abortion resources for women seeking to terminate their pregnancies. (Related: Arkansas pro-lifers mobilize to defeat radical pro-abortion constitutional amendment.)

Daniel Kanter, the senior minister and CEO of the church, sits on the board of Planned Parenthood of Greater Texas Board of Trustees.

“One of the focuses of this center is that birth and giving birth and determining the future of one’s family isn’t a crisis,” said T.J. FitzGerald, the minister of community care and engagement at the church. “The only crisis in this state is a crisis of humanity, a crisis of dignity, a crisis of compassion.”

However, the First Unitarian Church of Dallas has a long history of endorsing abortion.

In 2021, the church joined the Association of Unitarian Universalist Congregations, which does not hold to any Christian creeds, to form the “Reproductive Freedom Congregations.” At the time, the congregations trained pastors to advocate for abortion rights. Membership required churches to vote in favor of legal abortion as a societal good. These congregations openly assert three principles: trust in individuals’ reproductive choices, freedom from judgment, and the moral value of accessible reproductive health services, including abortion.

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The church is also involved in facilitating low-income women’s travel from Texas to New Mexico for abortions, not just providing information but actively enabling the procedure.

Study: CPCs employ deceptive tactics to mislead patients

A 2022 study, published in the International Journal of Women’s Health, reveals that crisis pregnancy centers (CPCs) like the one in Dallas employ deceptive tactics to project legitimacy and credibility, despite their lack thereof.

They use different strategies, from their misleading websites promoting “all options” counseling to volunteers wearing medical attire. This lack of transparency poses significant dangers. CPCs often adopt names similar to abortion clinics and employ “co-location.” They also target specific demographics, such as young women, women of color and those with lower socioeconomic status, using strategic advertising placements near educational institutions and on public transportation.

For instance, Care Net’s “Urban Initiative” targets Black and Latina women through platforms like the Black Entertainment Network.

However, many people remain unaware of CPCs, leading to confusion when seeking reproductive health services. This lack of awareness and low health literacy increase the risk of misidentification between abortion clinics and CPCs. While some individuals recognize CPCs as ideologically Christian and anti-abortion, the potential for confusion and deception remains high.

In other words, the study suggests that CPCs make medically inaccurate claims, including “exaggerating the likelihood of miscarriage in early pregnancy to downplay the urgency in seeking abortion care, and emphasizing non-factual relationships between abortion and infertility, breast cancer and adverse mental health effects.”

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