South Side Chicago pastor says his ‘faith in government is very low’ after seeing city resources go toward the migrant crisis

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A pastor from the South Side of Chicago has spent years trying to help improve the community but said his “faith in government is very low” after seeing much of the city’s resources going toward the migrant crisis.

Pastor Corey Brooks, founder of Project H.O.O.D., spoke with Fox News Digital, and said: “It’s been overwhelming. We already have an infrastructure that is overburdened and we already have a city that is already overtaxed. And now you’re adding individuals who, for the most part, are here illegally and now we’re having to carry that burden.”

“It’s very disheartening because, for organizations like ours – we’re already trying to do the work in an area that’s already difficult to do, and now you’re adding more people to the problem,” the pastor added.

“When we make our city a sanctuary city and we start allowing people to be here illegally and having to take care of them, that is going to be a problem that is overwhelming.”

He went on to say that the situation represents a “serious leadership flaw,” adding that it is “a serious problem.”

The report stated:

Chicago has spent nearly $300 million on the migrant crisis since 2022, including $215 million since Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson took office in May 2023. Last month, the city voted to approve an additional $70 million to go toward migrant care despite backlash from residents that illegal immigrants are being prioritized over native Chicagoans. That money is on top of a $150 million assigned to migrant aid in the budget already.

Even though residents pushed back against Johnson’s massive effort to help those who are here illegally, the city has played host to 40,000 migrants since August 2022. The report noted that there has been as many as 2,000 arriving to the city in a single week.

The Associated Press reported last month that the city had spent more than $300 million of the city, state, and federal funds to provide housing, health care, education, and more to around 38,000 mostly southern American migrants.

The report also mentioned that the development in Chicago has stirred widespread resentment among the black community.

“When we make our city a sanctuary city and we start allowing people to be here illegally and having to take care of them, that is going to be a problem that is overwhelming,” Brooks said. “The leadership has been taking funds from much needed areas, and they’re getting a lot of flack for it.”

“And all of a sudden, those resources that they never had, for the homeless problems that they’ve already been faced with, they’re now being made available,” he continued.

“I understand when people, from Chicago or other areas start to really question the fact that now we have these resources, and they’re going toward individuals who sometimes are not even legally here, and we never had an opportunity to get those resources ourselves.”

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