Joe Biden undermines US military as foreign powers make DISASTROUS moves

As President Joe Biden remains passive, foreign powers like China, Russia, and Iran are asserting their dominance over key regions.

“What’s going on here is we lack people with the guts, with the courage to speak out about what’s right versus what’s wrong,” Mark Levin explains, noting that while we sit back idly, Vladimir Putin is making moves.

“If we had a clean bill to provide armaments to Ukraine to stop Putin. Putin, who’s already annexed Crimea. Putin, who’s already annexed half of Georgia. Putin, who’s looking at the Balkans in Poland and Romania,” Levin says, adding, “Why are we deaf to this, why are we blind to this?”

“And why do we pretend? ‘Oh, China, they can take Taiwan,’” he mocks. “Taiwan is next. They control the South China Sea,” which he explains “from a military, national security perspective would be a disaster.”

In addition, the Red Sea is now “basically controlled by Iran,” which sees most of the world’s oil flows. “Wouldn’t that be a disaster, too?” Levin asks.

And he’s not finished.

“Why do the Communist Chinese control both ends of the Panama Canal? How the hell are our Navy supposed to get from one ocean to the other without going all the way down and all the way around? We built that damn canal,” he says.

Levin believes we’re not only allowing but provoking these moves.

“So, we’re provoking a fascist, a former KGB murderer, Putin. We’re provoking the Iranians by our very existence and defending our friends in Israel. We’re provoking the Communist Chinese by having our Navy move through the South China Sea,” Levin says.

“We’re provoking everybody with this idiot in the White House who’s undermining the United States military,” he adds.

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