Mother fights home invader amid sexual assault after he follows her daughters inside

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A Missouri mother of two told WDAF-TV she fought with a home invader amid a sexual assault last week while her daughters were upstairs — and that a rescuing police officer had to pull the attacker off her.

Sarah Bommarito recounted to the station that after her two daughters were done playing outside, a male followed them into her home last Monday in Lee’s Summit, which is about a half-hour southeast of Kansas City.

’I wanted to set myself on fire. I wanted to be clean. I wanted all of those things …’

“’Hey, I think you’re in the wrong house.’ That’s what I said to him,” Bommarito recalled to WDAF. “I said, ‘I think you’re in the wrong house.'”

The intruder wouldn’t leave, but the station said Bommarito was able to get him out, lock her door, and call 911.

But she told WDAF the intruder still wouldn’t leave.

“He went to my front door and incessantly rang the bell, just over and over and over again, just pounding,” Bommarito recalled to the station.

Investigators told WDAF that Khalil Cooper broke through a different door and began sexually assaulting Bommarito while her two daughters and their friend were upstairs.

Image source: YouTube screenshot

Bommarito also was on the phone with a 911 dispatcher, and the entire attack was recorded, the station said.

WDAF said Bommarito fought with her attacker, and the arriving police officer had to pull the attacker off her and then wrestle with him until backup arrived.

“The outcome of what happened to me is so different because of the officer that came in that side door and didn’t wait; he didn’t wait for backup,” Bommarito told the station.

She added to WDAF that “the 911 person, the dispatcher … said, ‘You’re safe now, Sarah. They have him in handcuffs.'”

Cooper was charged with three felonies — including two counts of sodomy or attempted sodomy as well as burglary, the station said, adding that he was being held in jail without bond.

WDAF also noted Bommarito’s warning to women who might find themselves in such a horrific circumstance: “Before you do anything to destroy evidence, do not wash your hands, do not wash your body. I wanted to set myself on fire. I wanted to be clean. I wanted all of those things, and you have to fight to not do that because you will destroy your evidence, so fight back.”

Lee’s Summit woman fights back against attacker, thanks officer who helped save

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