Louisiana Parishioners Stop Teen Dressed in Black and Armed With Rifle as He Enters Church Filled With Families (VIDEO)


Over the weekend, a Louisiana church that was filled with families and small children got a shock as a teenager dressed all in black entered the building during a first communion mass armed with a rifle.

Luckily, the parishioners acted quickly and piled on top of the would-be shooter, stopping him in his tracks.

This is an excellent reminder that people have to be aware, be vigilant, and act quickly at the first signs of trouble.

RedState has more details:

Terrifying Moments: Teenager With Gun Stopped at First Communion Mass in Louisiana

The folks at St. Mary Magdalen Church in Abbeville, Louisiana, were having a First Communion mass for about 60 kids on Saturday. They likely thought that they were going to have a beautiful celebration together.

But unfortunately, they also had some scary moments that intruded on the solemnity of the day. As the priest Fr. Nicholas Duper was on the altar, at about 48 minutes in, you can see a man come up to the altar, bend over, and whisper in his ear. That is certainly not a usual occurrence during a Catholic mass. You can see the priest absorbing something, and then he suddenly asks the parishioners to sit and to pray, as he starts to say a “Hail Mary.”…

What was going on was that there was a suspicious armed person — a teenager dressed in black — who had entered the church vestibule with a gun. Parishioners stopped him and detained him, pinning him to the ground. Then the police came and arrested him.

Check out the video below:

Here’s a local news report:

The people who stopped this deranged gunman likely saved many lives.

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