NFL legend Lawrence Taylor SACKS Biden and Democrats, endorses Trump

NFL legend Lawrence Taylor took a day off retirement when he sacked Biden and the Democratic Party at a Trump campaign event in Jersey this past weekend.

The former Giants star joined Trump at the massive rally and pledged his loyalty to the former president.

“I just wanted to say I grew up a Democrat and I’ve always been a Democrat until I met this man right here,” Taylor told Trump supporters on Saturday. “He will not have to worry, nobody in my family ever voting for a Democrat again.”

Taylor was joined on stage by his former teammate, retired running back Ottis Anderson.

“Don’t you just love that guy?” Anderson asked, referring to Trump. “Don’t you just love that guy? I tell you it has been a very exciting day. You guys, not one person left here. You’re still here yelling and screaming.”

Jason Whitlock thinks this is a great sign for Trump’s campaign.

“This is significant, far more significant than any rapper endorsing Trump. And I say that because LT is revered in football circles, and basically him publicly jumping on board with LT gives permission for every other NFL player and football player to say what they really think,” Whitlock says.

“All this woke posturing and pretending like they hate Donald Trump. I’ve said it for years, any NFL player that I’ve known, any football player I know — if Joe Biden and Donald Trump said, ‘Hey man, let’s go out and have a drink’ — every football player I know would be like, ‘Yeah, Donald, where we meeting?’” he says.

“They would stay the hell away from Joe Biden.”

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