Hush money case a ‘Stalinist show trial,’ Cohen ‘an untrustworthy liar’

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If there’s anything Mark Levin has taken away from the “hush money” case against Trump, it’s that the justice system has nothing to do with justice.

“Have you noticed that our judicial system has been blown up right in front of your face? That our legal system isn’t really even a legal system anymore? Have you noticed that the Bill of Rights, well, they’re being shredded right in front of your face,” Levin says, disturbed.

“We have judges who aren’t judges,” he continues. “They’re political hacks in black robes.”

What Levin really can’t help but notice is that “all kinds of turmoil and tumult are taking place in courtrooms right before a federal election.”

“What’s going on is a Stalinist show trial,” Levin explains, and, “Joe Biden’s doing it.”

“No, it’s not Donald Trump’s fault. No, Donald Trump didn’t commit these 91 offenses. No, this isn’t because Donald Trump is a dictator or Hitler, and they need to keep him in the box. This is a power grab by an autocratic party that sees its opportunity to clear the playing field to win an election with a candidate who is effectively unelectable,” he says.

As for the “hush money” trial, Levin calls it a “spectacle.”

“You have witnesses testifying with collateral evidence to character assassinate the defendant” and a “judge who gags the defendant, not because the defendant’s dangerous, because he doesn’t want the defendant criticizing what’s taking place.”

Not only that, but the star witness is “an untrustworthy liar.”

“Cohen repeatedly and unambiguously testified at the state court trial that he was not guilty of tax evasion and that he had lied under oath,” Levin says, adding, “This guy lies his ass off for a thousand different reasons. Why hasn’t the federal government stepped in?”

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