Terrifying video: 9-year-old boy relaxes in his home before dinner when drive-by bullets pierce wall, fly inside

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Video shows the moments when drive-by bullets pierced through a Fort Worth apartment wall earlier this month, terrifying a 9-year-old boy who just moments before was relaxing before dinner.

Home security video provided to KXAS-TV dated May 1 shows Errol Hill simply doing what lots of kids do in the evening — sitting on his couch with his dog nearby.

‘I thought it was just fireworks, but when I heard the screams, I looked outside.’

Suddenly the video shows bullets spraying into the living room from the street, the station said, and Errol ducked for cover before running to find his mom.

“It came through the wall,” Errol recounted to KXAS. “I thought it was just fireworks, but when I heard the screams, I looked outside.”

Image source: YouTube screenshot

KXAS said six people were wounded in the drive-by shooting outside the Miramar apartments near 3000 Las Vegas Trail — and four of the victims were children.

Errol’s mother, MaryJane Gonzales, shared with the station that she first made sure her son was OK and then “came out here … to see where exactly they shot, and as I was out here, I heard all the families downstairs yelling.”

Gonzales — a medical assistant — ran outside and tried to stop the bleeding of multiple victims; one of them was just three years old, KXAS said.

“That one was really hard for me, seeing her going in and out of consciousness,” Gonzales recounted to the station, adding that she’s “never seen anyone get shot, let alone a child.”

Image source: YouTube screenshot

KXAS said first responders arrived and took the victims to safety — but as police continue to investigate the shooting, Gonzales told the station she and her family “are traumatized.”

“It forever changed our life,” the mother of three shared with KXAS.

Worse still, Gonzales noted that Errol now lives in constant fear of being caught in the middle of another shooting, the station said.

KXAS reported that weeks before the shooting Gonzales signed a new lease in the Miramar apartments, but now she’s trying to move, as she no longer believes the Las Vegas Trail area is safe for her kids. She set up a GoFundMe page in hopes that extra money can help her family move, the station said.

“Just somewhere safer, somewhere that my kids can go outside and play,” Gonzales told KXAS. “Because they can’t go outside and play without having to worry if they’re going to get shot. Are we the next victim on Las Vegas Trail?”

The station added that those with information about the shooting can anonymously contact the Fort Worth Police Department at 817-392-4222.

Bullets fly past child in Fort Worth drive-by shooting | NBC DFWyoutu.be

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