‘They sent stooges out to every team’: Aaron Rodgers says NFL wanted a vaccination rate over 90% to get ‘Big Pharma ads’

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NFL quarterback Aaron Rodgers told Tucker Carlson about “weird” parties he has attended in Hollywood and discussed the NFL’s push to get the vast majority of its players vaccinated.

Rodgers, who missed the entirety of the 2023 NFL season with an achilles injury, joined Carlson for a discussion on everything from Jeffrey Epstein to secret societies.

While playing for the Green Bay Packers, Rodgers was at the center of controversy over the COVID-19 vaccine. Rodgers was allergic to an ingredient in the vaccine and never took it, yet he was famously called a liar for saying that he was “immunized,” later specifying the treatments he went through.

Rodgers said there was a strong push to get an incredibly high vaccination rate in the NFL, and he was one of the few that asked questions.

“In the NFL, there was a strong push. They sent stooges out to every team to try and enforce a vaccination level above 90% on every team with zero exemption, with zero informed consent. ‘Just get this so that we look good, because Big Pharma’s ad spend is humongous,’ not just on the late-night shows, it obviously influences Hollywood [and] the NFL.”

Rodgers explained that only players had a choice surrounding vaccination but staff members did not, and they would allegedly be fired if they didn’t get vaccinated. He added that he was thanked by members of the organization for raising questions to NFL staff.

“When the stooge came and talked to us, I asked a lot of questions about, like, informed consent, about testing, about liability, and he basically didn’t answer any of my questions; the president of the team ended the meeting. I tell you a ton of people from every level of the building came up afterwards and thanked me for asking the questions because many of them had no choice.”

‘There always seemed like there was parties within the party, people kind of doing their own thing, that always kind of weirded me out a little bit.’

Carlson also asked Rodgers why there is such a connection between sexual perversions and elitist societies.

“What’s the sex thing about? I mean, you’ve been in famous-guy world for a long time and like me, you’re from California, so obviously you’ve been around well-known cultural figures, the elites. How long have you thought this, that sex plays a role?” Carlson asked.

“Well, not that long,” Rodgers replied. “I’ve just kind of, you know, I’ve seen some interesting things,” he began. Rodgers then described some of the elite Hollywood parties he’s attended, having lived in California and dated actresses such as Shailene Woodley and Olivia Munn.

“I’ve been around some interesting parties and gatherings that are strange … not anything like what it sounds like, you know, a Diddy party. But just even at an Oscar party, just seeing how some of these people act was always very a little bit strange,” Rodgers recalled.

“I just never resonated with it. It was almost like interesting people-watching, but there always seemed like there was parties within the party, people kind of doing their own thing, that always kind of weirded me out a little bit.”

Carlson would also ask the football player if he would be shocked to learn that Epstein didn’t kill himself. The two talked about the connection of sexual exploitation as it relates to the elite class.

“How many Jeffrey Epstein-type people are out there?” Rodgers asked. “[People] who’ve been killed or people who are using sex as a blackmail tool and then who’s pulling the strings on that?”

Rodgers pointed to Epstein associate Ghislaine Maxwell and the lack of specifics around her sex trafficking conviction.

“The Johnny Depp trial had eyes on it, crazy coverage, and the Ghislaine Maxwell trial had next to no coverage. No TV coverage, no nightly commentary about it, no traffic to nobody. She is indicted for trafficking kids, and nobody who she was trafficking kids to got indicted or named,” Rodgers detailed.

The two went on to discuss secret societies like Bohemian Grove and Skull & Bones, which Rodgers said produced many high-ranking politicians, including presidents.

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