Antifa members at UW encampment harass news cameraman for filming the protest

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Antifa militants at the University of Washington encampment were filmed harassing a cameraman for Fox Q13 as tensions continue to rise at the school with the occupied zone entering its third week.

The Post Millennial’s Katie Daviscourt took video of Antifa members using umbrellas and their bodies to block the camera. Mike Harvey, Fox Q13’s cameraman, can be heard asking the protesters if they are on drugs because the harassers are acting very strangely.

One of the protesters asks if Harvey understands why they are asking him not to film them.

“Yes, and, honestly, I don’t care because this is a public space; it’s a newsworthy event. … I have a right to report,” Harvey tells them.

The masked protester says Harvey is putting them in danger by filming them because of apparent doxxing attempts. Harvey further defends his actions because he is taking video of the overall scene, not necessarily individual people.

One of the more crazed individuals starts to mock Harvey after pointing out they can’t interfere with his work as a journalist.

‘We again call on members to dismantle the encampment voluntarily for everyone’s safety.’

Harvey posted the full video from his camera’s viewpoint on X.

“These people are clearly mentally ill. Listen to them. So [UW] is allowing unhinged people to patrol the campus like security guards are harass[ing] a free press? ENOUGH! FOR THE LOVE OF GOD! COWARDS,” local media host Brandi Kruse said in response to the incident.

The encampment at UW does not appear to be going away anytime soon. Unlike most colleges, finals week at UW does not start until early June.

UW President Ana Mari Cauce released a lengthy statement that said while the addition of graffiti on many campus buildings was an escalation, the school is simply calling for the zone to be disbanded.

“While I strongly support free speech and peaceful protest, I also strongly support the rights of all our community members to live, learn and work without fear. I want to thank our Office of Campus Community Safety, UW Facilities and state and local partners for supporting our community despite challenging circumstances, including two very tense counter-protests,” Cauce said. “But every day the encampment remains, safety concerns escalate for our UW community and for the people in the encampment itself. We again call on members to dismantle the encampment voluntarily for everyone’s safety, end the vandalism to our campus and continue constructive engagement with us on the issues of concern.”

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