‘Burglary Tourism’ Now a Thing Thanks to Biden’s Open Border

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America as a tourist destination has plenty of places to choose from, whether it is the hustle and bustle of New York City, the honkytonks and bars of Nashville (which I just visited over the weekend), Disney World here in Florida, or the Rockies out West. 


But apparently, if you are a Chilean crime outfit, you head to Michigan to do Mission: Impossible-esque burglaries just because you can, thanks to the open border policies of President Biden’s handlers.

Yes, really.

Fox News spoke with Oakland County, Mich., Sheriff Michael Bouchard about how sophisticated these groups are. They use an electronic jammer to get past security, extensively casing targets, and then steal high-end items from safes.

“They’re very focused on high-end jewelry, like watches, cash, high-end purses… things that are highly valuable and disposable. And out they go, and they move on. They usually hit a number of homes in our area, and then they move on to another part of the country, and then another crew will come in. And it’s been a cycle,” Bouchard was quoted by Fox.

The Oakland County Sheriff speculated these guys must be trained in some sort of camp considering how well they can pull off these burglaries, which would not surprise me in the slightest. The question would be if the camp is already here in the U.S. or still back in Chile. Similar crimes, likely perpetrated by the same groups, have been reported in other parts of the country, like New York, New Jersey, and California.

Granted, part of the problem could very well be blamed on Chile’s status as a U.S. Visa Waiver program country since 2014, meaning that Chileans can legally enter as tourists for 90 days without a visa and minimal vetting. It’s the only South American country on that list (and yet here I am waiting months on end to get my Peruvian wife up, although she intends to live here).


Thus, Bouchard said, Chile’s visa-exempt status should either be suspended or removed entirely, and Chileans would need to get visas the old-fashioned way. However, that would just mean that these burglary groups would come across the southern border, which would basically be the same thing as Chile’s original visa-exempt status with the added bonus of getting to stay a few years for a court date for their asylum claims if the Biden administration isn’t kicked out of office in January 2025.

Either way, the fact that highly sophisticated burglars feel like they can rob American houses almost for fun is just another symptom of the border crisis we have had to put up with since Biden and his handlers were put back into the White House in 2021, not even including the far more horrific crimes of murder and sexual violence, especially toward children, we at PJ Media and the rest of the Townhall Media gang have covered.

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