‘It doesn’t matter!’ Activist tells reporter there’s ‘no space’ for him while defending Indian students with expired visas

A progressive activist confronted a reporter to tell him that he should leave her part of the country because there is no more room. At the same time, the pink-haired woman was claiming international students should be allowed to stay in the country once their visas expire.

Harrison Faulkner, a journalist with outlet True North, was reporting from protests in Prince Edward Island, Canada, about whether or not international students from India plan to leave the country when their visas expire. The students have been actively protesting in the region, demanding for the right to stay.

In a recent monologue about the topic, Faulkner simply stated that those who do not have the right to be in the country should be deported and that the service industry is not in dire need of more unskilled immigration.

He also pointed out that the protest group in question had published joint videos with the local Revolutionary Communist Party.

While conducting interviews, protesters told Faulkner that his video contained a series of falsehoods but were unable to name any. The group leader even complained about Faulkner’s stance that Canada should “deport” people who are no longer allowed to be in the country.

“Who are you to make that decision?” the man asked. “How would you know? Are you from here?”

“Are you from here?!” Faulkner responded.

“I am here, I’m since one and a half year, are you here since one and a half year?”

“No, but I am a Canadian,” the reporter noted.

The protest leader then ushered his group away from Faulkner, saying, “We are done with them.” At that point, a local resident with pink, braided hair confronted the journalist and got in his face.

“I’m Canadian!” she yelled. “I live here. These are my people too. They’re not just yours.”

‘If you live in the country without a legal permit, then you have no business being in Canada.’

“I’m not claiming they’re mine at all,” Faulkner replied.

The activist told the reporter to stop posting videos and then refused to back out of his space. “I’m not going to step back. I’m going to step in your face. You have no right. … If you don’t have the information, the accurate information … you got everything wrong!” she claimed.

When the activist claimed Faulkner said that immigrants were “holding Canada hostage,” he corrected the woman and said his claim was that there is no more room for an influx of service workers.

“It doesn’t matter, there’s no space for anybody on this island. Trust me,” the woman said. “There’s no space for anybody, that’s including you!” she added while pointing in his face.

Faulkner told Blaze News he wanted to speak to protesters “in good faith” and find out under what legal basis they had entered the country. He also wanted to know whether they would leave the country if ordered to by the government.

“If you live in the country without a legal permit, then you have no business being in Canada,” Faulkner explained.

“The protest leader tried to shut down my interviews and said that I have no idea what happens in P.E.I. There was nothing else he said that I got wrong. Even though he claimed I didn’t tell the truth,” Faulkner recalled.

“Then this woman, who has attached herself to this protest, confronted me and told me to go home. She told me that my ancestors are immigrants. She also said P.E.I. is full, and there’s no space for anyone else.”

‘The schools pander to these students as champions of diversity, but actually exploit them.’

Faulkner added that both individuals appeared to believe they can treat media in an intimidating fashion and didn’t like that he showed up to ask questions.

The issue of foreign students overstaying their welcome has garnered nationwide protests. The international students have complained that they should be allowed to stay in Canada after their studies conclude, despite having no legal reason to do so.

Justin Trudeau’s Immigration Minister, Marc Miller, recently made a shocking suggestion, stating a good way to decrease the number of temporary residents in the country would be to make them permanent.

“The fact people are already here, their impact on affordability has already been baked in, so it’s smart,” Miller said, according to state broadcaster CBC. “But it doesn’t mean by extension that everyone’s entitled to stay here or be here in Canada.”

Independent reporter Mocha Bezirgan has been covering the same issue in other parts of the country for many months. He said that both the Indian and Canadian governments have misled the students.

“From my coverage of international students in Canada, they are being exploited by their own people. They are also given false hopes by the colleges and universities. The schools pander to these students as champions of diversity, but actually exploit them,” he told Blaze News.

“The government of Canada has either erroneously or intentionally miscalculated the amount of international students they should be receiving, and this creates unrest, it creates unemployed, and this is not ok,” he added.

The Canadian government has announced a goal to decrease the number of temporary residents in the country from 6% of the population down to 5% in three years.

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