Big Government censorship collusion with Big Tech RESUMES efforts to block all “misinformation” before Election Day

Big Government censorship collusion with Big Tech RESUMES efforts to block all “misinformation” before Election Day

Just in time for the 2024 election, the federal deep state is working overtime to silence online free speech so the selected candidate “wins.”

Senate Intelligence Committee chair Mark Warner is behind the push to once again ‘synchronize’ the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) and FBI with social media companies across the gamut, all for the purpose of steering users to the selected candidate(s).

Using the excuse that they are fighting “misinformation” and “disinformation,” Warner and other members of the deep state hope to squelch all online communications that threaten the establishment before the general public learns too much truth and votes another way.

Believe it or not, the Biden regime actually did a good thing from the start of the current presidential term by “freezing” such collusion, because of the First Amendment case that is currently being deliberated by the Supreme Court in Murthy v. Missouri. Sad to say, that freeze has been reversed and now the internet is open game for deep state censorship as the election approaches.

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When government becomes the enemy

Warner, a Democrat – the censors exist on both sides of the political aisle, just to be clear – believes he found a valid argument to resume the practice of deep state collusion and censorship not only on social media but across the tech spectrum.

Warner told reporters at the RSA IT security conference that his stance appears to coincide with the majority of Supreme Court justices, several of which were appointed by Donald Trump.

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“There seemed to be a lot of sympathy that the government ought to have at least voluntary communications with (Big Tech firms),” Warner is quoted as saying.

SCOTUS has not yet issued its final ruling on the case, but it seems as though we already know what that ruling is going to be, hence why Warner and his kind are taking full advantage of the court’s temporary resumption of collusion allowances.

Was it a coup for Trump to install these justices, or is the story still being written with a surprise ending? Stay tuned, is all that can really be said about that.

According to Warner and his ilk, allowing people to speak freely online ahead of the 2024 election is hazardous because in his mind it threatens to upend the normal electoral process. He said he also believes that the system has been “too timid” in going after free speech online.

Another excuse he is using besides “disinformation” is that free speech constitutes “foreign interference,” and thus has to be stopped.

In short, the Murthy v. Missouri case is going after Warner and the establishment for violating the First Amendment rights of Americans. It establishes that the government itself, which is supposed to represent We the People, has instead turned into a monster that dictates and controls We the People.

What Warner and his ilk are trying to do is fully unconstitutional no matter how they try to spin it, and the question remains: will they get away with it or will this time be different?

The case was originally brought to the courts by Missouri Attorney General Andrew Bailey, who has been very busy lately going after a host of corruption embedded within the Washington, D.C., establishment.

It is usually Democrats who play the “foreign meddling” card when trying to restrict free speech while Republicans seem to prefer calling things “terrorism” in order to scare their base into allowing the First Amendment to be eroded. How about we reject and ignore both parties and see what happens?

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