How Jase Robertson brought his own ATTACKER to the Lord

When Jase Anderson was a young buck, he once ran into a little bit of trouble.

When he befriended a girl who had a boyfriend, he thought they were just friends — but she thought differently. Then, the boyfriend caught wind of it.

“She asked me to come over for the Bible study, and next thing you know, I’m dragged and whooped over basically my faith because I was there for a Bible study,” Jase explains, adding, “But the good news is he came to the Lord a couple weeks later. The girl, she got alienated, and we went on about our merry way.”

“I was at the wrong place at the wrong time, but I was there at the right time to bring him to the Lord,” he says.

“You took a beating for the gospel,” Zach laughs.

“I did not fight back. Only in words and in the Spirit,” Jase says while Zach continues poking fun.

“You didn’t give him the right hand of fellowship,” Zach jokes.

“I decided to preach the Gospel to him, thinking that would avoid the beating, but that didn’t materialize. But it did work out. It was a weird phenomenon that happened in my life,” Jase says.

Now, the two are friends — and his former attacker has even helped him out with his ministry.

“We’re friends; we’re brothers,” Jase says.

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