Hunting Hunter: Comer Calls Biden Crime Family ‘Biggest Public Corruption Scandal in Our Lifetime’

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Rep. James Comer (R-Ky.) told Fox News’s Maria Bartiromo on Thursday that he subpoenaed even more bank records regarding the Biden Crime Syndicate. These subpoenas are focused on newly found bank accounts belonging to various Biden family members.


“Today, this morning, I issued a subpoena, for targeted financial information, from a certain financial institution, related to Jim Biden, Sara Biden, and Hunter Biden,” Comer revealed to Bartiromo. “This is a result of many of the documents that Devon Archer turned over. “

FACT-O-RAMA! Hunter Biden “worked” for the Ukrainian gas company, Burisma, even though he has never worked in the energy industry and can’t speak Ukrainian.

Comer then reminded Bartiromo that Hunter’s former business pal, Devon Archer, handed the Oversight Committee a treasure trove of documents no investigators had ever seen. These documents led Comer to issue a new subpoena for bank records.

“Remember,” Comer continued. “We subpoenaed and he [Archer] turned over 3.7 million documents that had never before been seen by any of the IRS investigators, security, and exchange investigators, or any of the different groups that had been investigating the Biden’s for years and years and years.”

The Oversight Committee has thus far found millions of dollars from companies in China, Russia, Romania, and elsewhere, much of which it traced by following wire transfers through a maze of what Comer described as “dozens” of shell companies and an “unbelievable” number of bank accounts.


“I don’t think you’d find very many people that have billion-dollar net worth that have as many bank accounts as the Biden family had,” Comer explained.

FACT-O-RAMA! Another former Biden business buddy, Tony Bobulinski, testified before the Oversight Committee that the mad stacks the government of China sent to the Bidens was a bribe.

Comer also explained that some of the Biden family’s “dozens” of shell companies’ sole purpose was to launder cheddar the Bidens were hoovering from around the globe.

Comer also admitted linking the bank accounts to Joe Biden was a “harder nut to crack.” He stated that it was Joe Biden’s family who was accepting the money from “shady influence-peddling schemes.” He then mentioned two checks Jim wrote to Joe Biden for a combined total of $240,000.

No one from the Biden family has yet to explain why various nations — including our enemies in China and Russia — sent the money to the Bidens. Comer stated that this was what he thought was the “biggest public corruption scandal in our lifetime.” 

Hunter’s heartaches have just begun. He is also facing a gun charge in Delaware for buying a firearm while hooked on drugs, which is a felony, not to mention a nine-count tax fraud charge in California.

Here’s the fun part: Hunter’s “sugar bro,” Kevin Morris, who has been “loaning” Hunter millions of dollars so that he can pay his legal bills, is allegedly out of cash. Morris, who is a lawyer, used client-attorney privilege and refused to say how much cabbage he has fronted Hunter over the past four-and-a-half years, but it is believed to be roughly $6.5 million.


Get a job, ya bum

Last July, a judge ordered Hunter to give up drugs and booze, submit to random drug tests, refrain from buying a gun, and get a job if he wanted to stay out of jail. It is unknown if Hunter is playing by any of those rules.

BLOW-O-RAMA! The Secret Service was “unable” to figure out who left that bag of “Satan’s snowflakes” in the White House or for whom it was intended.

A Delaware judge recently denied a request by Hunter’s legal team to delay his gun trial, which is set to begin June 3. He then faces his tax charges in California on June 20. If Comer can lower the boom and prove that the Biden family soaked up tens of millions in bribes, which he assured Bartiromo he can, Hunter and the rest of the Bidens could should spend their golden years in the hoosegow, though frankly, that doesn’t seem likely. The “system” only punishes its enemies like Trump and protects its own.

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