Man Who Attacked Nancy Pelosi’s Husband Is Sentenced

David DePape, 44, who was arrested after attacking Nancy Pelosi’s husband with a hammer, will spend the next 30 years behind bars. Prosecutors had hoped Judge Jacqueline Scott Corley would send him packing for 40 years.


Paul Pelosi wrote to the judge about the injuries he suffered after DePape walloped Pelosi, who was in his underwear and holding a refreshment at the time of the late-night attack. The letter included the following:

I walk slowly and have difficulty with my balance. Nearly every day I get headaches that become migraines unless quickly addressed. I need to sleep during the day and cannot tolerate bright lights or loud noises for extended periods of time.

For months, sleeping alone in my home was very difficult because I kept remembering the defendant breaking into my house. The defendant severely damaged the nerves in my left hand. My forehand was ‘de-gloved’ exposing raw nerves and blood vessels. Surgeries and treatments mostly healed the skin, but underneath I still feel pinched nerves in my left hand. This makes basic tasks like using buttons, cutlery and simple tools more difficult.

Nancy Pelosi also wrote a letter to the judge where she oddly admits that she and her husband have never spoken about the fateful night DePape pounded her husband.

A violent man broke into our home, threatened to kidnap me and – in his own words – made my husband Paul ‘take the punishment’ in my absence with a near-fatal attack with a hammer. 

“Paul and I have not discussed the events of that horrible night,” Nancy Pelosi wrote. “Paul doesn’t want to undergo revisiting it, and the doctors’ advice is that discussing the vicious assault would only renew his trauma.


DePape was allegedly able to break into the residence of the most powerful woman in the nation without being noticed, though the home has security cameras that link the Capitol Police in Washington, D.C.

San Francisco police officers caught the pounding Mr. Pelosi took on camera.

FACT-O-RAMA!  The Pravda press myrmidons went out of their way to ensure us that “existing records” show that DePape and Pelosi were totally not engaged in a drug-fueled sex bash.

Journalists eventually uncovered that DePape was a drug-addicted, frequently homeless nudist who leaned left politically. He is also a psychotic.

DePape’s 30-year sentence seems extreme considering that a convicted sexual attacker in the same state, Brock Turner, only snagged a six-month term for attacking a 19-year-old girl who was passed out. Turner’s sentence was cut in half for good behavior.


During his federal trial, DePape tearfully ranted that he wanted to break Nancy Pelosi’s kneecaps.

The attack stirred controversy for several reasons. Paul Pelosi is rumored to be a heavy drinker. He was holding a beverage in his hand when the police arrived, suggesting that he wasn’t too concerned with DePape’s presence. Also, the police video shows the door opening at one point, although neither Pelosi nor DePape touched it, suggesting that there may have been another person in the house.

DePape will also face state charges for the flogging he gave to Mr. Pelosi. 

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