The Morning Briefing: The ‘Biden-Hamas 2024’ Campaign Isn’t Doing So Well

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Happy Friday, dear Kruiser Morning Briefing friends. Choryabusk continued to gain renown for her ability to sing any Beyoncé song backwards in Gaelic, Farsi, or Connecticut English. 


Of course, I’d like to begin by giving many thanks to my friends Ashley, Kevin, and Chris for filling in this week while I was doing the proud father thing. It was nice to have a few extra days to celebrate her graduation from law school. And that dive bar that Kevin mentioned in Wednesday’s Briefing is my new favorite place in Brooklyn. My daughter knows how to pick ’em. 

Obviously, I didn’t pay any attention to the news while I was gone. I began to catch up a little as I headed to LaGuardia on Wednesday. As I was having a beer at the airport, the television nearest me had the news on. When they got around to the Trump-Biden debate news, a young Hispanic man who worked at the bar turned to me and said, “I’m getting popcorn for this.” Then he leaned over to me and said, “I think Trump is going to win in a landslide.” 

That was an interesting return to reality.

Thursday morning, The Washington Post featured a discussion between some of its Opinions columnists under the headline, “How in the world is Trump’s trial not hurting him?” 

The insulated Coastal Media Bubble™ types really can’t grasp that a lot of Americans see these sham trials for what they are. In fact they have all along. I wrote at the end of last month that the people orchestrating the Manhattan Soviet show trial nonsense are determined to make Trump a living martyr. Schlichter’s latest column says that it’s all making Trump stronger. 


The best laid plains of election-interfering Democrats aren’t having the desired effect. 

It turns out that having an adult entertainment chick and a former lawyer who was busted for lying to his bank as star witnesses have made the trial even sleazier than it was at its inception. 

The Cohen factor hasn’t been playing out well for them. This is from Victoria:

Donald Trump’s chief litigator in the Get Trump case in New York landed what looked like a pivotal strike—a Perry Mason moment— against the former president’s personal lawyer-turned-prosecution-witness, Michael Cohen– catching him in a lie right in front of the jury. 

The “strike” was so consequential that, as Matt wrote, even CNN’s Anderson Cooper was flabbergasted:

Cooper explained how Blanche meticulously dismantled Cohen’s previous testimony about a pivotal phone conversation with Trump. Blanche methodically scrutinized text message transcripts, revealing that harassing prank calls from a 14-year-old prompted Cohen’s call to Trump, which was not solely about the Stormy Daniels affair. 

This revelation, Cooper noted, undermines Cohen’s credibility, as he had previously asserted that Trump approved the Stormy Daniels payment during that call.

This trial is garbage, as honest people know. The focus that the Democrats’ flying monkeys in the mainstream media have been keeping on it was supposed to to make people hate Trump, but its overwhelming ick factor seems to be working against them. 


Also, the trial was supposed to be a distraction from the utter awfulness of the man in the White House. Team Biden was no doubt hoping that they could continue to pursue their “cozy up to Hamas” campaign strategy and have the trial keep people from noticing that the President of the United States was selling out a trusted ally to abet terrorists and win electoral votes in Michigan. 

Again, the plan seems to have some holes in it. 

In a just world, the whole thing would keep falling apart. As Kevin writes, however, there are other factors at play. 

For now, I’m just going to keep hoping that that kid in the bar at LaGuardia is right. 

Later today, Stephen Green and I will be hosting the “Five O’Clock Somewhere Four Year Anniversary Extravaganza.” In April of 2020, we were asked to do a live chat for our VIP Gold members for a few weeks to entertain them during lockdowns. We had so much fun that we kept it going. It grew, got some branding, and now we do a Zoom happy hour every week as well. A lot of our friends from around Townhall Media like Ed Morrissey, Larry O’Connor and Cam Edwards will be joining us. This would be a good time to try the VIP Gold experience. The promo code KRUISERMB gets you a huge 50% discount.  We kick off at 3 PM EDT. Hope to see you there!

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