Top British pediatrician: US medical establishment is ‘misleading’ the public about the science behind child sex changes

The British medical establishment was long captive to gender ideology. It is now coming to terms with the error of its ways, having realized that the supposed “right side of history” where the trans-activist flag waves proudly is actually the province of pseudoscience, misery, and mutilation.

Dr. Hilary Cass, a British medical doctor who previously served as president of the Royal College of Pediatrics and Child Health, hammered the final nail into the coffin for the “gender-affirming care” narrative in April.

Cass, a highly esteemed recipient of the Order of the British Empire, was appointed by the National Health Service in England in 2020 to lead an independent investigation into Britain’s sex-change regime and its youth facing services.
Her 388-page final report — released shortly after England effectively banned the prescription of puberty blockers and shuttered the infamous Tavistock child gender-identity clinic — made abundantly clear that the evidence in support of “gender-affirming care” was “weak” at best.

In addition to highlighting unreliable science and the fallout of sex-change interventions, Cass noted that sex-change procedures did not impact suicide risk or deliver on other promised results and that mutilated children may likely have otherwise outgrown their confusion.

These conclusions sent various radicals into fits of rage. Cass has since become a popular target, even for
some leftist lawmakers.

Cass recently expressed amazement that whereas Britain is now pumping the brakes on its mutilatory practices — joining the ranks of other Western nations like Finland and
Norway — the American medical establishment is ostensibly speeding along with reckless abandon.

‘Do what you’ve been trained to do.’

In a
recent interview with the New York Times, Cass was confronted with recent reactions stateside to her findings.

The Endocrine Society reportedly said, “We stand firm in our support of gender-affirming care,” suggesting that it is “needed and often lifesaving.”

While the American Academy of Pediatrics reportedly declined to comment on the specifics of Cass’ landmark report, its
woke president, Ben Hoffman, said, “Politicians have inserted themselves into the exam room, which is dangerous for both physicians and for families.”

The AAP, which has repeatedly
lashed out against red states for protecting children from child sex-change mutilations, reiterated that its guidance is “grounded in evidence and science.”

‘What some organizations are doing is doubling down on saying the evidence is good. And I think that’s where you’re misleading the public.’

The AAP’s guidance incorporates recommendations from the scandal-plagued World Professional Association of Transgender Health, which
Environmental Progress and nationally syndicated radio host and cofounder of Blaze Media Glenn Beck have in recent months exposed as a pseudoscientific activist organization whose members have indicated as much behind closed doors.

Blaze News
previously reported that WPATH members are quoted in Environmental Progress researcher Mia Hughes’ bombshell report discussing: giving irreversible medical treatments to mentally compromised patients incapable of providing consent; the inability of parents and adolescents to comprehend the long-term fallout of so-called gender affirmation; putting a gloss on post-operation regrets; and the ruinous side effects of sex-change mutilations.

The AAP appears to still regard WPATH as a credible organization.

Cass took issue with the American organizations’ apparent aversion to the facts about “gender-affirming care.”

“When I was president of the Royal College of Pediatrics and Child Health, we did some great work with the A.A.P.,” Cass told the Times. “They are an organization that I have enormous respect for. But I respectfully disagree with them on holding on to a position that is now demonstrated to be out of date by multiple systematic reviews.”

Cass suggested it “wouldn’t be too much of a problem if people were saying ‘This is clinical consensus and we’re not sure.’ But what some organizations are doing is doubling down on saying the evidence is good. I think that’s where you’re misleading the public.”

“You need to be honest about the strength of the evidence and say what you’re going to do to improve it,” continued Cass. “I suspect that the A.A.P., which is an organization that does massive good for children worldwide, and I see as a fairly left-leaning organization, is fearful of making any moves that might jeopardize trans health care right now.”

Hoffman, prickled by Cass’ suggestion, later stated that “any suggestion the American Academy of Pediatrics is misleading families is false.”

‘What really worries me is that people just think: This is somebody who is trans, and the medical pathway is the right thing for them.’

The esteemed British pediatrician suggested that perhaps if the AAP was not subject to such intense political pressure, “They would be able to be more nuanced, to say that multiple truths exist in this space — that there are children who are going to need medical treatment, and that there are other children who are going to resolve their distress in different ways.”

When pressed on what doctors should do moving forward, Cass minced no words: “Do what you’ve been trained to do.”

“So that means that you approach any one of these young people as you would any other adolescent, taking a proper history, doing a proper assessment and maintaining a curiosity about what’s driving their distress,” said Cass. “It may be about diagnosing autism, it may be about treating depression, it might be about treating an eating disorder.”

“What really worries me is that people just think: This is somebody who is trans, and the medical pathway is the right thing for them,” added Cass.

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