Former NYT reporter sounds the alarm on liberal media, says ‘you’re called a fascist’ if you question it

Nellie Bowles, a former journalist for the New York Times, has recently warned that the mainstream liberal media is playing an important role in pushing along a progressive agenda, according to Fox News Digital.

In her new book, “Morning After the Revolution,” Bowles delves into topics she could not cover while at the New York Times. Some of these issues include cancel culture, transgender procedures for youth, and the origins of the pandemic.

Bowles appeared on “America’s Newsroom” on Wednesday, saying that “[a]s a reporter at The Times, it was very frustrating to have to put blinders on my curiosity,” adding that as a result, she “set out to write this book and ended up quitting the paper. And each chapter is a little bit of a journey and a feature of what I kind of would have written if I had stayed on staff.”

‘When you’re in the progressive world, as soon as you question any of it, you’re called a fascist.’

Bari Weiss—former New York Times journalist and Bowles’ wife—recently published a piece, writing that “curiosity is what got Nellie kicked out of the club. But it gave her a place in a new club, the one that we at ‘The Free Press’ think that the majority of Americans are actually in.”

“I became a reporter because I didn’t trust authority figures. . . . As a reporter, I spent over a decade working to follow that curiosity,” Bowles said. “It was hard to suddenly turn that off. It was hard to constantly censor what I was seeing, to close one eye and try very hard not to notice anything inconvenient, especially when there was so much to see.”

Bowles went on to say that working for the Times was originally her dream job, but she soon discovered that the topics she wanted to investigate and write about were “beyond the purview of a Times reporter.”

After Bowles left the Times, she and Weiss started the Free Press. She said she did not have a specific plan to go out and change minds, but she simply wanted to raise questions about issues she felt were important, especially those related to progressive policies.

Bowles said: “I’m from San Francisco. I lived there my whole life. If you’re not looking around and seeing the streets and starting to question some of the ideas that got us to that place, I think you’re fooling yourself. I think you’re an absolute fool if you don’t do that.”

Bowles has refused to identify as a liberal or conservative, claiming that she is trying to remain fair-minded.

“When you’re in the progressive world, as soon as you question any of it, you’re called a fascist,” she said.

“Obviously, I reject the label, but also I just reject the premise that – I think that it’s okay to look at San Francisco’s DA, who at the time was saying that we shouldn’t prosecute crime and we shouldn’t put drug dealers in jail or prosecute them because drug dealers are victims, too. It’s okay to look at that and say, that’s absurd. That’s ridiculous.”

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