Obama Alumni Fill Out the Rosters of Anti-Israel Groups Driving the Protests

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President Barack Obama was never much of a friend to Israel. He wasn’t much of anything when it came to American foreign policy but Obama and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu were particularly antagonistic toward each other.


Now, ten years later, former Obama aides and members of his administration have branched out and taken lucrative, high-ranking positions at some of the left-wing nonprofit organizations that make up a network of far-left, anti-Israel groups currently funding the efforts to stoke unrest on campuses.

Tablet Magazine did yeoman’s work uncovering the loose connections between radical groups and who is funding them. As Tablet reports, “professional radicals and organizers, black bloc antifa thugs, Marxist-Leninist revolutionaries, and Palestinian and Islamist radicals have played a central role in organizing and escalating the campus protests.”

And filling out the rosters of the nonprofits and community action groups who dole out the cash and supply training for the campus radicals are people who once worked for the Obama administration.

The former Obama staffers are giving Joe Biden migraines.

“I think by forcing Biden to this dilemma, the outside folks are in practice hurting him,” a former Trump administration official told the Daily Caller. “They probably don’t view it that way. They probably view themselves as being trying to be advocates for certain anti-Israel policies. But the net effect of it is, yes, they are undermining Biden by sort of railing against him on this wedge issue.”

The major groups funding the radicals are a who’s who of left-wing nonprofits; WESPAC Foundation and Rockefeller Brothers Fund along with the shadowy Within Our Lifetime (WOL) organization. All of these groups and more have been generously gifted by the George Soros entity The Tides Foundation. It should be pointed out that the Rockefellers, Soros, and the Pritzker Foundation all back Joe Biden in his reelection efforts.


“Indeed, scratch a pro-Palestinian radical organization, and you are likely to find Tides’ involvement somewhere. The Arab Resource and Organizing Center (AROC), which organized an illegal blockade of the Port of Tacoma in November and an anti-Israel walkout of high school students in San Francisco—where AROC contracts with the unified public school district—is a fiscal sponsorship of the Tides Center,” according to the Tablet.

Staffing these nonprofits are Obama-era aides.

Tim Wang, another board member of Tides, is a managing partner at Westley Group, which was founded by Steve Westley, Tablet noted. Westley was the former California co-chair of Obama for America.

Lori Chatman, also a Tides board member, is the president of the capital division of Enterprise Community Partners, which is run by Shaun Donovan, Tablet reported. Donovan was Obama’s Housing and Urban Development Secretary and also the director of the administration’s Office of Management and Budget.

“It is here that the outsize role of Tides in funding the protests may be especially significant. More than any of the dark-money giants on the left, Tides has become tightly integrated with the ascendant Obama faction of the Democratic Party,” according to the Tablet.

Gabriel Noronha, a former State Department official, told the Daily Caller. “I think they (former Obama officials) are looking to reshape the Democrat Party long term. And so I think if you look at that movement, if you look at the Detroit, the Dearborn boycott movement, what they are ultimately doing is saying, we’re willing to actually lose one election. If in doing so, it sends a long-term message to the Democrat party, that it’s my way or the highway, and they want party discipline going forward. To show this you have to take this anti-Israel position or we will cause you to lose in that election.”


The long game has always been the Soros game. “Tortoise, hare, victory” is how they think. It’s how revolutionaries have always thought given the contemporary odds stacked against them.

Against that kind of implacable, unyielding force, the mainstream doesn’t have much of a chance.

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