GOP goes all-in for censorship as Zionism takes over the Republican Party

With the exception of actual violence or dangerous trespassing, the Gaza solidarity protesters at college campuses across America have every right to speak their minds, regardless of who it offends or upsets. But a large segment of the Republican Party completely disagrees.

After pretending for years to be champions of the First Amendment, the grand old party (GOP) is taking a 180 and completely flipping the script by claiming that Americans only have the right to free speech if they “support Israel.” Anything to the contrary is apparently off limits and subject to punishment.

Suddenly, it is the left that is speaking out in defense of free speech while the right engages in a public gaslighting session in the truest sense of that word.

“All politicians are the epitome of saying one thing and doing another – it’s part of their DNA,” reported Revolver. “However, calling them ‘hypocrites’ is too easy and lazy, almost as if we’re just shrugging it off and giving them a free pass.”

“Their actions are more like a choreographed dance, gliding along with the spotlight. And make no mistake, both sides are shaking their thing in this performance, leaving ‘we the people’ as the unfortunate audience of yet another political gong show.

(Related: The GOP is even going so far as to try to weaponize the IRS against people in America who speak out against the war on Gaza.)

Politicians are the worst

The New York Times is the latest left-leaning entity to suddenly care about free speech, pretending as though the paper always stood for free speech. The Democrats at that media outlet are no better than the Republicans they fight against as both sides amplify the chaos.

“This time around, we watch as Republicans flip the switch and crusade against free speech in the name of ‘safety and democracy’ (sound familiar?). Meanwhile, the New York Times flips the script, backing away from the pro-Palestinian protesters while simultaneously posing as the big defenders of ‘free speech’ and law and order,” Revolver added.

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“Of course, they’re conveniently glossing over their own history of cheering on tyrannical censorship. All of this unfolds as the right starts using the left’s censorship tactics to shut down so-called ‘hate speech’ on campuses – a term that doesn’t even have a legal leg to stand on – and now the Times has snatched up the ‘free speech’ banner, strutting around and calling out the ‘tyrannical censors’ on the right.”

House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-La.) is the top dog pushing censorship on the right currently. And the Times, of all entities, is now standing up in defense of free speech. Are we in the twilight zone?

According to the Times, free discourse is the very lifeblood of higher education. Being allowed to express oneself in a safe environment is part of how society is forged throughout the ages, but corrupt politicians of all political stripes are constantly getting in the way of that actually happening.

If you support Gaza and want to speak out about it, do so respectfully while staying in the bounds of the law, that way they cannot trip you up and derail your message by turning it into a conversation about violence and “terrorism.” And if you support Israel, how about trying to make a case for yourself without spending all your time and energy trying to silence your opposition?

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