Glenn Beck predicts a shocking wave of ‘terrorist attacks’ will be used to silence dissent by our government

The border is flooding with illegal immigrants, yet the government continues spreading fear of home-grown extremists as if they exist en masse.

Glenn is worried that this is all a part of a government plan to silence those who dissent.

“There will come a time when those who are trusted voices will no longer be able to be heard. We know this because of the attack on anybody that just disagrees,” Glenn says, before offering an unfortunate example.

In the leftist landscape of Portland, Oregon, a woman has now been convicted by a jury of criminal harassment, a hate crime, after she misgendered and confronted a trans person who was using the women’s bathroom.

The woman, Cassandra McIntyre, was sentenced to two years probation plus community service.

But those who were in attendance on January 6 are suffering an even worse fate. And Glenn believes it’s for a reason.

“There are things that have already been revealed and things that are coming that will show our government was deeply involved in that,” Glenn says, adding, “and it’s to paint half the country as an extremist.”

Glenn is afraid that this will lead to something far worse.

“I fear Beslan, or something like it is coming. A group of terrorist attacks that will happen in a week that will so fundamentally shock the American people,” Glenn warns. “And people will scream ‘Make it stop,’ and extremists will be defined by whoever is in power, and I believe this will happen before there’s a change of power.”

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