Joe Biden Falls Apart at NAACP Dinner: “I Got Involved in Civil Rights When I Was 15!” (VIDEO)


Joe Biden on Sunday evening pandered to black voters at the annual NAACP Freedom Fund dinner in Detroit, Michigan.

Joe “you ain’t black” Biden is losing support among black voters so he spent the last several days traveling to key swing states lying to blacks.

Meanwhile, President Trump has more than doubled his support among black voters.

As usual, Biden’s speech was full of lies and gaffes.

“Because of your vote, it’s the only reason I’m standing here as President of the United States of America,” Biden said.

Biden told the crowd of blacks one of his favorite lies: “I got involved in civil rights when I was 15!”


Biden never participated in the civil rights movement. He has told a version of this lie many times.

This lie has been repeatedly debunked.

In 1987, Joe Biden falsely claimed he marched in the civil rights movement and eventually dropped out of the presidential race.

Biden finally admitted he lied about marching in the civil rights movement.


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