Maryland K-5 Parents Forced to Let Kids Learn LGBTQ Curriculum

After a years-long battle with the school system and Maryland parents, a federal court has decided that despite parents’ concerns and religious conflicts, parents are not allowed to choose to opt their children out of learning about progressive ideologies and topics in schools. Remember: to the left, your children belong to them.

Last, parents from the Montgomery County Public School (MCPS) started publicly fighting back against the progressive lessons being taught to their elementary-aged students. In March of 2023, the school district essentially declared that they wouldn’t tell parents prior to teaching lessons or reading books to students about progressive ideologies or agendas. Kids in the school system are now being read books like “The Pride Puppy,” “Uncle Bobby’s Wedding” and “Born Ready: The True Story of a  Boy Named Penelope,” as Fox News reported. They’re also being exposed to themes like drag queens, furries and other queer crap.

Parents insisted, and rightfully so, that these books and the ideologies they promote were inappropriate for young kids, and forcing them to listen to or read them would violate said children’s First Amendment right to free exercise of religion by intentionally teaching them ideologies that are antithetical to the tenets of their religion.

“The parents had argued that refusal to provide an opt-out from their children’s exposure to LGBT-themed books and related discussions violates federal and state law,” Fox News reported.

The plaintiffs, one Muslim and two Christian, worked with The Becket Fund for Religious Liberty to sue MCPS.

Late last week, the Court of Appeals decided in a 2-1 vote that simply exposing kids to these progressive ideologies isn’t enough to constitute a breach of the First Amendment. 

“The board argues that exposure to ideas contrary to one’s faith is not enough of a burden to implicate the First Amendment,” the court decision read, adding, “the board contends that exposure to issues that one disagrees with, even for religious reasons, is part of the compromise parents when choosing to send their children to public schools.”

So essentially, they’re our kids now. Homeschool if you don’t like what we’re teaching.

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