Bill Maher stuns liberal audience when he AGREES with Harrison Butker’s speech

Harrison Butker’s commencement speech has angered leftists across the country, but some unlikely characters have come out in support of the Kansas City Chiefs kicker.

Butker spent his speech talking about the beauty of motherhood, how grateful he is for his wife, and promoting what Dave Rubin of “The Rubin Report” calls “basic stuff.”

“Being a mother, raising a family, being a decent person, and how that’s kind of better than perhaps the bill of goods that so many women have been sold,” Rubin says, summarizing Butker’s speech.

Even Bill Maher, an atheist and lifelong bachelor who has made it known he doesn’t care for children, agrees with Butker’s speech.

“I don’t see what the big crime is. I really don’t. And I think this is part of the problem people have with the left is that lots of people in this country are like this,” Maher began.

“He’s saying some of you may go on to lead successful careers, but a lot of you are excited about this other way that people, everybody used to be, and now can’t that just be a choice too?” Maher continued.

“And I feel like they feel very put upon, like there’s only one way to be a good person and that’s to get an advanced degree from one of those factories like Harvard,” he added.

Rubin has come to expect these sane liberal takes from Maher and isn’t surprised he got this one right too.

“Bill gets it. So, that’s the good news there. The average liberal sees that, knows that these are inherent truths that we all know,” he says.

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