California College Holding Five Segregated Graduations

A California college has found a multiplicity of ways to segregate students and glorify wokeness with separate graduations, including for illegal aliens and LGBTQ.


Leftists are always looking to divide people into artificial classes based on external or invented characteristics, endorsing group think and quashing the ability to see individuals instead of representatives of alleged specific groups. That is very obvious at one California community college that is reportedly politicizing graduation ceremonies to the nth degree.

Campus Reform has the details on the absolutely laughable graduation divisions. Higher “education” has become mere indoctrination, utterly worthless unless you want to take the expensive route to becoming a leftist activist. From Campus Reform’s report:

Pasadena City College will celebrate an “UndocuGraduation,” “Lavender Graduation,” “Black Graduation,” “Asian Pacific Islander Desi American (APIDA) Graduation,” and “Latine Graduation.” 

“UndocuGraduation” will take place May 29 in honor of illegal alien students. The school states that “Undocugraduation celebrates our undocumented students’ educational success at Pasadena City College,” and adds that “[p]articipants are strongly encouraged to apply to the DREAM Scholarship: Ready Behind Degrees.”


Illegal aliens shouldn’t be in the U.S. at all, let alone graduating college or being given a special ceremony to celebrate their law-violating status. The only graduation ceremony there should be is one for U.S. citizens who aren’t criminals.

Campus Reform noted that California State University, Northridge and Rutgers-Newark have also have held graduations for illegal migrants. Furthermore, the outlet listed colleges with segregated graduation ceremonies in 2024: Middlebury College, North Carolina State University, Salem State University, St. John’s University, Boston University, the University of Massachusetts, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and Pennsylvania State University. 

Segregation was always and continues to be unjust, prejudiced, socialist, and ANTI-AMERICAN. Regardless of the many failures to live up to our own standards as expressed in the Declaration of Independence and Constitution, America was founded as a nation that did not carve out groups or classes based on race, sex, or other such characteristics.

As an example of how idiotic this thinking is, suppose I were to state as a description of the first five presidents of the United States that they were all straight white men. This in fact tells you almost nothing about them, and certainly gives not the slightest conception of the many differences of personality, talent, taste, background, and achievement of George Washington, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, and James Monroe. The founders of America had many external characteristics and values in common, but they were also a group of strikingly unique individuals. 


And as unique independent thinkers founded America, we should always train the youth of America to be independent thinkers as well, seeing everyone they meet as an individual and not a member of a group or a representative of an artificially defined identity.

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