Lawrence O’Donnell Defends Michael Cohen Stealing From Trump

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I admittedly have not followed much of the ongoing show trial of former President Donald Trump in New York City for supposedly paying hush money to former adult film performer Stormy Daniels precisely because it’s a show trial. If I want to see a serious analysis of fiction, I just read TV Tropes.


Still, it does make me happy knowing the “star witness” Michael Cohen, Trump’s former “fixer,” just keeps digging the prosecution’s grave further and further down till they hit bedrock and probably resurface in China.

As our indispensable Matt Margolis wrote earlier today, Cohen’s latest entry of his foot into his mouth was admitting to all but stealing from the Trump Organization, paying a tech company called Red Finch $20,000 out of an expected $50,000 and pocketing the rest for himself.

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Apparently, he was shorted out $100,000 of his normal holiday compensation of $150,000, so this was just his way of trying to “rebalance the bonus he thought he deserved,” as Lawrence O’Donnell of MSNBC justified it.

Yes, really.

Conservative activist Charlie Kirk posted the clip to X, which he called “unbelievable.” 


Is it really, Mr. Kirk? They are already trying to keep Trump out of the White House by making a mockery of our legal system, so what is to stop the mainstream media from saying the whole thing is totally justified and is actually a good thing because Trump will destroy democracy and is training right-wing death squads up in the hills as we speak (according to Rep. Maxine Waters (D-Calif.)?

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Anyway, the MSNBC hosts sycophantically say that O’Donnell has “strength beyond mortal men” for sitting in on a laughably politicized trial (tilted in their favor, no less) and ask what he saw today.

“The shocking thing at the end of that cross-examination… I just kept telling you how stunning it was because it is the thing that I was waiting for. I saw everything Todd Blanche, seen every single minute of it, seen every single question he asked. And he sat down and ended his cross-examination without asking a single question about the $130,000 that appears on the Allen Weissenberg notes about how they were structuring the payments to Michael Cohen. He asked about the $50,000, that is irrelevant to the $130,000, and that is where he very effectively got Michael Cohen to agree that yes, he stole $30,000. Later, when Cohen was asked about that on redirect by the prosecution, it did not really sound like stealing $30,000. It sounded a lot like Michael Cohen doing the little that he could within that calculation to rebalance the bonus he thought he deserved, and it still came out as less than the bonus he thought he deserved and the bonus he had gotten the year before,” replied O’Donnell.


Sure, Lawrence, whatever helps you sleep at night.

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