Man who raped 61-year-old woman had been previously arrested for being a ‘peeping Tom,’ Florida police say

Tampa police said a man arrested for raping a 61-year-old woman had been previously arrested for being a “peeping Tom” in the same community.

An arrest affidavit said that 28-year-old Jordan Davis broke into the woman’s home on Nebraska Avenue and Ellicott Street on May 10 at about 11 p.m.

‘He’s despicable.’

Police said Davis found the woman in bed and placed a pillow over her face to sexually assault her.

Davis didn’t get very far after the assault, according to police who said the victim called 911 and gave such a good description of the suspect they found him very quickly.

Tampa Police spokesman Jonee Lewis praised the woman for helping police catch the alleged assailant.

“She displayed extreme courage in, after this traumatic ordeal, being able to call us, give us such a good description that we could immediately find this person and get them off of the streets,” Lewis said.

Davis was arrested and charged with sexual battery as well as burglary.

Previously ‘peeping Tom’

Police said that the man had been previously arrested in Feb. 2023 after a woman caught him staring at her through her window for about 20 minutes.

The victim in that incident pretty much predicted what would happen if the man had not been put away.

“He needs help and he needs to be in a facility where he is not going to do this to somebody else,” said Rachel Cronin.

She says that the video appears to show him trying to gain entrance by turning the doorknob, which was locked.

“If it was unlocked, what would he have done next after watching a woman by herself in her home?”

She provided security footage to WTVT-TV showing Davis on her porch looking at her through her window. Later in the video, she can be heard yelling and cursing at him to get away from her home and never return.

Davis had been released from jail over a burglary charge just six days before the peeping Tom incident in 2013.

Neighbors were horrified to hear about the alleged rape.

“I think he’s despicable. No doubt,” said Manuel Fernandez. “My deepest heartfelt sympathies and I am so sorry that this happened to her, it’s a serious tragedy.”

“We don’t want anything like this to happen to another person in our community,” said Lewis.

Here’s more about the horrendous incident:

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