Woke sports writer demands Harrison Butker lose his job to a woman — but he accidentally makes ironic admission

The Kansas City Star published an essay demanding that the Kansas City Chiefs drop kicker Harrison Butker and hire a woman as his replacement.

Butker, a three-time Super Bowl champion, is one of the best kickers in the NFL. But he’s now facing down the barrel of cancel culture for giving a pro-Catholic speech that affirmed traditional values.

‘They could trade him for a solid kicker, or they could make a statement by signing a woman to kick.’

As punishment for expressing his personal views, journalist Peter Hamm said Butker deserves “poetic justice” for his “Neanderthal outburst”: losing his job to a woman.

“This is not a joke. It’s not unrealistic. And it would be good for business,” Hamm wrote in the Star.

Hamm, who has connections to Democrats and liberal advocacy groups, claimed that successful female soccer players and a few examples of women attempting placekicking at the collegiate level are sufficient evidence to prove “the fact that girls can kick.” He even suggested that Maya Turner, a placekicker at the University of Manitoba, could be as good as Butker one day.

With such “evidence” in hand, Hamm called on the Chiefs to “make a strategic call about Butker’s future with the team” and said Butker needs to “shut his mouth.”

Then, in a bout of extreme irony, Hamm revealed his own views on the ability of female placekickers.

“Harrison Butker is not Patrick Mahomes. He’s a special teams player. That gives him less leverage with the team,” Hamm wrote. “They could trade him for a solid kicker, or they could make a statement by signing a woman to kick.”

By juxtaposing the idea of trading Butker “for a solid kicker” versus hiring a woman as Butker’s replacement, Hamm is suggesting that no female “solid kicker” currently exists.

This is true, and it is backed by the evidence: Some girls become successful placekickers at the high school level, and a few try their shot at the collegiate level. But none have ever been successful, except for Turner — and her career is still young. Importantly, no woman has ever made an NFL roster, let alone contributed to an NFL team’s success in the same way that Butker has.

Butker’s success and talent likely mean his job as the Chiefs’ kicker is safe.

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