Mark Levin: Obama and Biden’s immigration policies are ‘suicide,’ led to anti-Semitic protests

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Pro-Palestinian protestors targeted the Met Gala to call for an intifada, which is only adding to the rise in anti-Semitic events occurring in the U.S.

Mark Levin can’t help but notice that many of the protestors are Palestinians themselves, which might have a little something to do with the policies of a former president.

“In the latter years, the Obama administration … focused on increasing the number of people who would be allowed to come into the United States from Muslim and Arab-Muslim parts of the world,” Levin explains, adding, “and he succeeded.”

“The percentage of Muslim immigrants hugely increased out of proportion with the numbers in the United States, and so, Obama did that. He did that intentionally,” he says.

Now, the Biden administration is following in Obama’s footsteps.

“We know that Biden and Blinken have a plan to import people from Gaza into the United States,” Levin says, asking, “Now, why would we do that?”

“Why in the hell would we bring people to the United States, 87% of the population of which supports Hamas,” he says, referencing a recent survey. “And about that percentage supports October 7.”

Both the Biden and Obama administrations’ immigration policies have completely ignored what America was built on and what it stands for.

“This is our country. We’re the citizenry. We support immigration but with terms and standards and requirements. We get to decide who comes. We get to vet you. We get to decide if you’ll be a contributor, if you will be a taxpayer, if you will comply with our law,” Levin says.

“You don’t get to come to our country, at least theoretically, and impose your will, plant your flag, take down our flag, take over our institutions and our culture, receive money from enemy governments and enemy societies to use here in our own country,” he continues, adding, “That’s called suicide.”

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