Navarro: Wall Street Titans Undermined Trump’s First Term, Americans’ Interests

Peter Navarro, a former Trump aide in prison amidst politically charged lawfare, spoke out in an interview about the competing interests of Wall Street and Main Street. 


Semafor, which interviewed the former aide, stated that Navarro predicts Federal Reserve chair Jerome Powell will be ousted, more tariffs imposed on U.S.-hating Communist China, and many illegal aliens deported in a second Trump term. But in comments quoted by The Daily Caller, Navarro also bashed Wall Street bigwigs and former Trump officials whom he says do not stand for ordinary Americans’ interests.

The Daily Caller explained:

Navarro is in a federal prison after being sentenced in January to four months, as well as ordered to pay $9,500 for contempt of Congress after defying a Jan. 6 congressional subpoena. The former Trump White House official told Semafor via email responses sent from the penitentiary’s law library, that certain Wall Street elites and administration officials sabotaged the former president’s trade agenda.

Asked if JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon or others like him could score appointments in a potential second Trump term, Navarro pointed out reasons to distrust such financial titans. “I’m sure if Jamie raises $100 million for Trump 2024 and doesn’t hedge his Biden bet, there may be an ambassadorship somewhere in Asia where JPMorgan helped offshore millions of American jobs,” Navarro said to Semafor. 


He continued, “Frankly, [Blackstone CEO] Steve Schwarzman’s unforgiveable alleged unregistered foreign lobbyist activities in weakening the China trade deal has made it difficult for those of us in Trump World to trust that Wall Street denizens like Dimon, [Citadel CEO] Ken Griffin, and Schwarzman will ever represent Main Street.”

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Navarro had critiques also for former National Economic Council Director Gary Cohn and his former Secretary of the Treasury Steve Mnuchin, who served in Trump’s first presidential term.

“Gary Cohn did everything he could to block Trump’s trade agenda, particularly steel and aluminum tariffs,” Navarro claimed, per Daily Caller. “When [former Commerce Secretary] Wilbur Ross and I finally outmaneuvered him, he quit in a huff — good riddance.” He added, “Mnuchin did everything he could as well to stop or soften Trump’s trade agenda and regularly clashed with Ross, [trade representative] Lighthizer, and myself. Together, Cohn and Mnuchin prove, as I wrote in my Taking Back Trump’s America book, that Bad Personnel is both Bad Policy and Bad Politics.” Trump has often found himself or his policies undermined by former officials or allies, unfortunately.


Navarro previously said just before going to prison, “I’m afraid for this country.” He explained why, citing the lawfare against Trump and his allies: “I’m afraid for this country because this — what they’re doing — should have a chilling effect on every American, regardless of their party. They come for me, they can come for you.”

Too often now in America, Big Business and government agencies alike display no regard for American citizens, enriching themselves while endangering the U.S. economy and national security.

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