Ted Cruz Rips Antony Blinken a New One Over Biden Policy Failures and It’s Glorious

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) didn’t pull any punches with Secretary of State Antony Blinken during Tuesday’s Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearing. With a smirk and a fire in his eyes, Cruz laid into Blinken and the Biden administration for the chaos they’ve sown with their incompetent foreign policy. It was a verbal smackdown that preceded for nearly 10 minutes, zeroing in on the endless war in Ukraine, kowtowing to Iran, and the ongoing war in Israel as key foreign policy failures.


“This administration desperately wants a new Iran deal. You have been showering cash on Iran from day one, and understand, the $6 billion you were asked about is the tip of the iceberg,” Cruz said to Blinken. “By refusing to enforce oil sanctions, we have seen Iran’s oil sales go from 300,000 barrels a day when you got into office to over two million barrels a day today.”

Cruz then pointed out that 90% of Hamas’s funding comes from Iran, and added, “This administration, you and President Biden, funded the October 7 attacks by flowing $100 billion to a homicidal, genocidal regime that funded those attacks.”

Blinken denied the accusation.

“That statement is profoundly wrong,” he said. “I’m not even going to humor it. I think it’s a disgraceful statement.”

Unfortunately, the shoe fits.

Cruz also mentioned how the State Department stooped so low as to offer condolences to Iran on the death of President Ebrahim Raisi, the so-called Butcher of Tehran, and the Biden administration’s withholding of arms to Israel as it seeks to eliminate Hamas. Then he compared those failures to the peace and prosperity we had under Trump. 


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Blinken futilely tried to defend the Biden administration and its disastrous policies that have caused so much unrest in the world, and it didn’t go well. He claimed, contrary to the evidence, that Joe Biden has done everything he can to protect Israel. 

As ridiculous as that claim is, he even had the audacity to deny news reports that the administration is withholding intelligence on possible Hamas targets. Blinken ought to be charged with lying to Congress for that because Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin confirmed earlier this month that the administration had indeed paused the shipment of arms to Israel to persuade Israel not to carry out an attack on Rafah in the Gaza Strip.

Blinken’s defense of Biden administration policies sounded like they came right from Biden’s campaign talking points. He tried to argue that under Trump, America was isolated, but now we have a coalition of nations tackling global security issues. 

“We were alone,” Blinken claimed, without evidence. “We aren’t anymore, and America’s leading those efforts.”


Cruz hit back on that claim with receipts. He pointed to Trump’s historic Abraham Accords, which saw more Arab nations normalizing relations with Israel.

“So, no, Mr. Blinken, that’s not true,” Cruz retorted. “America wasn’t alone. We had peace and prosperity. You and your boss wrecked it.”

You should watch the entire thing:

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