Dershowitz: Proof Trump’s judge is a ‘TYRANT’ with an ‘AGENDA’

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Famed attorney Alan Dershowitz has witnessed the hush money trial against former President Donald Trump firsthand — and he is shocked how blatant the anti-Trump bias is.

While attorney Robert Costello was testifying on behalf of the defense, he reportedly committed the crime of raising his eyebrows. For this infraction, Judge Juan Merchan cleared the courtroom of everyone including the media and threatened to strike Costello’s testimony if he raised his eyebrow again.

Dershowitz, for some reason, was allowed to stay.

“I don’t understand how our justice system got to where it is this quickly,” Glenn Beck tells Dershowitz, who is also shocked by what’s happening in the Manhattan courtroom.

“I wish the trial had been televised so that all Americans could see the veins in this judge’s head popping,” Dershowitz tells Glenn.

“Let’s remember this is a judge who was so permissive with the prosecution, he allowed Stormy Daniels to testify that they had sex in a missionary position, that he used a certain kind of deodorant, and that he wore silk pajamas,” Dershowitz says, asking, “How is that relevant to an entry case involving bookkeeping?”

The judge then also imposed restrictions on what other witnesses could say.

“He was allowed to say that he had said on numerous occasions that he didn’t know anything about Trump. But he was restricted from saying many other things. As he has said, he swore to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, and the judge said, ‘No I only want a partial truth.’”

When the country’s leading expert on campaign contributions was called as a witness and prepared to testify that there were no illegal campaign contributions, Merchan reportedly said that they could not testify as to whether or not they were illegal or legal.

“This judge has an agenda,” Dershowitz says. “This case is so absurd. In 60 years of practicing, teaching, and writing about criminal law, I have never seen a weaker case — and yet, there might be a conviction because this is a New York jury.”

Though clearly biased, the judge has been putting on a show for this jury.

“He is benevolent when the jury is there. It’s when the jury leaves that he becomes the true tyrant,” Dershowitz explains.

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