House Republicans worried about “sharp uptick” in Chinese migrants illegally crossing U.S. border

House Republicans worried about “sharp uptick” in Chinese migrants illegally crossing U.S. border

Republican members of the House Homeland Security subcommittee are raising concerns about what they described as a surge of illegal Chinese migrants who are entering America without permission.

Set up by House Homeland Security Subcommittee on Oversight, Investigations and Accountability Chairman Dan Bishop (R-N.C.), a May 16 meeting about the issue revealed an “unprecedented flow of Chinese nationals” across the U.S. southern border.

According to the figures presented, some 27,000 Chinese nationals have broken into America since October 7, just before the Israel-Hamas war erupted.

The latest figures from Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) suggest that in April alone, 3,324 Chinese nationals crossed the southwest border. This is a higher number than the number of Chinese nationals who crossed the southwest border in the entirety of 2022.

“This year’s total tops 27,000 encounters, surpassing the 24,000 illegal southwest border crossings during the entire 2023 fiscal year,” reported The Epoch Times.

“That’s a massive jump from recent years. In 2022, the number of Chinese migrant encounters was slightly more than 2,000 at the U.S. southern border. In 2021, that number was 450 … Nationwide encounters of Chinese migrants entering unlawfully are even higher.”

(Related: Earlier this year, Gen. Blaine Holt [Ret.] warned that he feels as though military-age Chinese men are flooding across America’s southern border.)

Democrats say Republicans are fearmongering about the border

So far in 2024, CBP says there have been more than 48,000 encounters with illegal Chinese migrants on U.S. territory. Rep. Bishop, speaking at the recent hearing, expressed concerns about the vetting process for these illegals, which has been decreased from 40 to just five questions.

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“As the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) continues its quest for geopolitical dominance and threatens our sovereignty, we must examine the risks presented by releasing ever-increasing numbers of minimally vetted Chinese nationals into our communities,” Bishop said in a statement.

Democrats within the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) scoffed at these concerns, claiming they are just part of “another Republican border ‘hearing’ with invasion rhetoric and fear-mongering.”

Rep. Bishop, conversely, claims that many of the Chinese migrants he feels are entering the U.S. have “nefarious motives.” He then explained a few federal indictments out of North Carolina where Mexican drug cartels and Chinese transnational criminal organizations are engaging in illegal money laundering activity.

Experts who were invited to the hearing to testify say that there is really no way to properly vet Chinese nationals because a criminal background check is unlikely to pull up anything if the person has never previously been in the United States.

Not only that, but China is unlikely to share such information with the U.S. in the first place, which means U.S. authorities have to figure out some other way to vet each and every one of them.

“At best, this is a mockery of U.S. immigration law and sovereignty, and at worst, it is a huge national security and community safety risk,” complained Simon Hankinson, senior research fellow with the Heritage Foundation’s Border Security and Immigration Center.

“In addition to many Chinese with connections to the Communist Party, People’s Liberation Army, and other state entities, it is statistically probable that [Department of Homeland Security] DHS is releasing people with criminal records.”

Todd Bensman, a national security fellow with the Center for Immigration Studies, also made an appearance at the hearing to show passports and identification cards he says were found near the southern border.

The stamps inside the passports prove, he says, that holders traveled through countries that are considered safe, which means they are wholly disqualified from getting their asylum requests granted.

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