Is ‘Mr. Birchum’ right-wing cringe?

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While many of us complain about the depravity and wokeness that’s infiltrated our favorite Hollywood shows and movies — others are taking matters into their own hands.

And the new show “Mr. Birchum,” which is created by the Daily Wire and stars comedian Adam Carolla, is doing just that.

While Lauren Chen has her criticisms of the show itself, she’s glad the show exists for that reason.

“I think it is a good thing that more conservatives and right-wingers like the people over at the Daily Wire are getting involved in the creation of entertainment media,” Chen says, adding, “You know, instead of just complaining about what Hollywood does all the time.”

While Chen believes this should encourage more right-wingers and conservative studios to create their own shows, she isn’t a huge fan of this particular show.

“I also don’t want to, I mean, frankly, say that something is good just because it agrees with my political narrative when in reality, I don’t find it entertaining,” Chen explains.

“This is the type of show that proves that if you’re a conservative or a right-winger who often complains about modern films and series being too political, but you happen to like ‘Mr. Birchum,’ I mean, it kind of seems like the problem isn’t actually that entertainment media is too political, it’s just that the message that is being pushed is one that you happen to disagree with,” she adds.

This is why if you genuinely dislike politics being infused into entertainment, no matter what yours are, the show may not be for you.

“Personally, I’m just of the approach where I don’t necessarily think it’s a good thing if conservative networks put out entertainment media that is really only meant for conservatives,” Chen explains, adding, “If conservative networks actually want to begin seriously competing with Hollywood, releasing shows that right off the bat are going to alienate at least 50% of the population, I mean, I just don’t think that’s a good business move.”

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