Nancy Pelosi STILL claims the 2016 election was ‘hijacked’?

Winston Marshall, who once played in the band Mumford & Sons, is no stranger to standing up for what he believes in.

Marshall was “canceled” for simply posting a link on social media to Andy Ngo’s book, “Unmasked: Inside Antifa’s Radical Plan to Destroy Democracy” — and refused to apologize.

“All hell breaks loose. He’s no longer in the band, but he is now an incredible fighter for freedom across the pond in the U.K.,” Dave Rubin of “The Rubin Report” says before showing a clip of Marshall humiliating Nancy Pelosi at Oxford Union.

“Words have a tendency to change meaning. When I was a boy, ‘woman’ meant someone who didn’t have a c*ck,” Marshall began. “‘Populism’ has become a word used synonymously with ‘racists.’ We’ve heard ‘ethnonationalists,’ with ‘bigot,’ with ‘hillbilly,’ with ‘redneck,’ with ‘deplorables.’”

“January 6th has been mentioned, a dark day for America indeed. And I’m sure Congresswoman Pelosi will agree that the entire month of June 2020, when the federal courthouse in Portland, Oregon, was under siege and under insurrection by radical progressives, those too were dark days for America,” he continued.

Pelosi, who was seated nearby, decided to interrupt Marshall’s speech to say, “There is no equivalence there.”

“It is not like what happened on January 6th, which was an insurrection incited by the president of the United States,” she added confidently.

But Marshall didn’t let her get away with it.

“Today, particularly in America, the globalist-left have become the establishment. I suppose for Mrs. Pelosi to take this side of the motion, she would be arguing herself out of a job,” Marshall said, adding that Trump should have accepted the election in 2020.

“So should Hillary in 2016,” he continued. “And so too should Congresswoman Pelosi, instead of saying the 2016 election was quote ‘hijacked.’”

“It was,” Pelosi squeaked back before Marshall smiled, and the audience laughed.

“Nancy Pelosi is still claiming that the 2016 election was hijacked,” Rubin laughs.

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