UFC contender Jiří Procházka says he’s going 3 days without power or food to prepare for training ahead of next fight

Former UFC light heavyweight champion Jiří Procházka appeared to recently go several days without food or electricity while preparing to train for his next fight.

Procházka is known as a rather unorthodox fighter who typically refers to himself as a samurai. His strange style of fighting paid off in a recent fight against Aleksander Rakic, where he scored a second-round knockout at UFC 300.

From there, Procházka went back to his usual exercises, which of course included hitting the bag on a makeshift floor in the middle of the forest. Training also apparently included the 205-pound fighter swimming in random rivers.

“Use a Spring Energy to the Flow. Vizualize, Tactics, Breathe-Space-Movement // Flow \ Find love in what you do, over and over again,” he wrote on X.

Even though Procházka recently admitted he isn’t a real samurai, his unique style of training made waves once again when he declared that he had gone days without food while still exercising.

“3 days
No Light
No food
Pure Focus
Pure Training,” Procházka said.

His lack of social media presence prior to the post seemed to indicate that the fighter was training without electricity or food during the days of his absence. But in his typical style, it was truly unclear whether the three-day fast from food and power was about to happen or had already happened.

“Preparation can start NOW,” he added, alluding to that idea he was training in order to prepare for more training. It also could have been a clue that he may have another fight booked.

‘I’m not a samurai. I’m guy from Czech Republic. But we all need to live and be inspired by something, and these samurai ideas [are] something that’s inside me.’

The following day, the the top light heavyweight contender would go on to describe his mental battles — with himself.

“The toughest opponent in the universe is in the 2nd image,” he wrote with three images of himself attached. “But where there is darkness, there is Light in the 3rd image. But we have the Power to connect both sides to work for us in our direction. Easily.”

Fans have poked fun at Procházka for his obscure fighting and training styles, with his consistent comparisons to a samurai fighter. After his recent win, however, he told Joe Rogan that he is well aware that he isn’t actually a samurai, but he respects the discipline of the ancient craft.

“I’m not samurai, that’s true. I’m not a samurai. I’m guy from Czech Republic. But we all need to live and be inspired by something, and these samurai ideas [are] something that’s inside me,” he said in the Octagon. “I’m not a samurai, but I’m living with these rules, and I believe in myself, in my dreams, in my head, and I want to prove to everyone that I can make the best performance of the night.”

Procházka said he was hoping to fight the winner of the UFC 300 main event, who turned out to be Alex Pereira.

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