George Conway runs anti-Trump billboard in Florida: ‘VOTE FOR JOE NOT THE PSYCHO’

George Conway, a vociferous critic of former President Donald Trump, had a billboard put up in Florida that blares in all capital letters, “VOTE FOR JOE NOT THE PSYCHO.”

“So, just for kicks, I put up a billboard a few miles south of Palm Beach on I-95 South, perfect for anyone happening to travel from Mar-a-Lago to Doral to, say, play golf,” Conway tweeted.

‘Congratulations to Kellyanne Conway on her DIVORCE from her wacko husband, Mr. Kellyanne Conway.’

Underneath the message on the billboard there is additional text that reads, “Paid for by George Conway.”

“If they’re still teaching 1840’s ‘Tippecanoe and Tyler too’ in schools 184 years later, just think of how long they’ll be talking about [VOTE FOR JOE NOT THE PSYCHO],” Conway tweeted.

Last year George and Kellyanne Conway announced that they were getting divorced.

“We are in the final stages of an amicable divorce,” they said in a statement last year.

“Congratulations to Kellyanne Conway on her DIVORCE from her wacko husband, Mr. Kellyanne Conway. Free at last, she has finally gotten rid of the disgusting albatross around her neck. She is a great person, and will now be free to lead the kind of life that she deserves…and it will be a great life without the extremely unattractive loser by her side!” Trump declared in a post on Truth Social last year.

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