Mark Levin: ‘Jew hating, Marxist-Islamist minority’ wants to exterminate the United States

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The “mostly peaceful” pro-Hamas protesters have made the world aware that they’re anything but peaceful, but the media and the Biden administration don’t seem to care.

“If you’re a serious president of the United States, you look at that and you go, ‘Whoa, whoa, whoa. We can’t tolerate that. I’m going to put my foot down,’” Mark Levin says, referencing a recent video of a protester attacking a Jewish man at the Met Gala in New York.

Meanwhile, the protests at college campuses are getting worse — and Levin knows who’s behind them.

“It’s amazing how the media don’t look into who these people are, who their parents are, where they come from, what’s their background. Just remember this: Most revolutions have been led by fairly wealthy people,” he explains.

“They’ve always been led by people who don’t represent the people. It’s a small minority,” he continues, adding, “This is a Jew-hating, America-hating, Marxist-Islamist minority.”

While the protesters who were actually quite peaceful on January 6 are facing prison time, these protesters just get away with it.

“Why isn’t the word insurrection ever used against these people?” Levin asks. “They want to overthrow our economic system, they want to overthrow our government. We’re colonialists, we’re imperialists. Why don’t they say they’re leading an insurrection?”

Levin explains that what these protesters have made clear is that they “want the extermination of the Jews and the extermination of the United States.”

“It’s called an insurrection, but we don’t call this an insurrection. We save that for MAGA,” he adds.

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