‘One in a million chance’: North Carolina groundskeeper finds mysterious space object in the woods

A North Carolina groundskeeper discovered a mysterious object from space on a remote trail, according to WLOS. It has not been confirmed what the object is or who it belongs to.

Justin Clontz, 39, and a colleague were doing maintenance around the Glamping Collective—a luxury campsite in Haywood County—when they stumbled upon a large object that seemed to be held together by otherworldly-looking bolts.

‘I just tied a rope to it and drug it out with a lawn mower. It’s a one in a million chance that it lands, especially if it landed somewhere off the trail in the woods.’

Clontz told the outlet that “[i]t’s once in a lifetime you know, it don’t happen every day.”

He went on to say that “[w]e don’t know what it is. We just know that it’s not from up here.”

The two men could not simply lift the object with their hands. They had to tie a rope to a lawnmower to move the object. The New York Post reported that Clontz said it was “one in a million chance that it lands, especially if it landed somewhere off the trail in the woods you’d have never found it but it just happened to land on the trail.”

Photos of the object appear to indicate that it was burnt. But none of the surrounding area seemed to be damaged, which has raised questions about how the object landed where it did.

Clontz said none of those at the glamping site reported hearing or seeing anything unusual.

But this is not the only piece of debris that has been found. Space.com reported that a similar piece of space debris was discovered on a farmer’s field in Saskatchewan, Canada, back in February.

The report also suggested that the debris found in Canada could have come from SpaceX’s Dragon, but this has not been confirmed. Elon Musk’s space company has yet to comment on the issue.

However, the debris found in North Carolina remains a mystery. In March, an airplane passenger reported spotting a UFO above New York City. She mentioned someone else on the flight also spotted the mysterious floating object.

According to the National UFO Reporting Center, the following states were most likely to have UFO sightings in 2023: California (440), Florida (293), Texas (230), Washington (212), and New York (156).

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